Main Bedroom Furniture Swaps

Subtle but magical changes happened in our bedroom! Though not hugely different from last time I shared after I hung the grasscloth, the last few months have brought some furniture additions and subtractions, enough that a full freshening up was in order. The One Room Challenge last May was the catalyst. With the unplanned acquisition of … More Main Bedroom Furniture Swaps

Bedroom with Grasscloth!

A few months ago I finally got around to hanging grasscloth wallpaper in our bedroom and THE IMPROVEMENT CANNOT BE OVERSTATED! It just feels incredibly warmer, even though the wall was painted the same shade before. I worked up the courage to drill into the wallpaper to rehang our sconces so, besides future wood flooring installation … More Bedroom with Grasscloth!

Modern Screen Door

I’ve wanted a screen door for our bedroom to backyard door since we moved in that didn’t scream farmhouse/country. A way to let the light and fresh air in and the bugs out, while blending with our house in an unobtrusive, modern, and minimal way. We always thought we’d have to build one from scratch, … More Modern Screen Door

Modern Ceiling Fan

I know I’ve left you hanging for years on this one, but we finally purchased, liked, and installed a ceiling fan in our main bedroom! Living the life over here. What the heck took so long you might ask? Well, a few things. First off, I purchased another fan and wasn’t in love with it … More Modern Ceiling Fan

Howard’s Restore-A-Finish on Vintage Furniture

I’ve been going a little Howard’s Restore-a-finish crazy over here lately. I know Restore-a-Finish can be controversial among mid century furniture refinishers, but for some of the pieces we own and hope to own for decades, and never plan on personally refinishing, I think Howard’s can make sense in some instances. Like this vintage Lane … More Howard’s Restore-A-Finish on Vintage Furniture

Main Bedroom Stuff

Say hello to our primary bedroom. It’s very much a work in progress and is full of placeholders… I’ll eventually put black grasscloth wallpaper on the back wall but while waiting for my wallpaper fund to grow, I spent $30 for a gallon of paint. The color is not actually black, but a very mirky … More Main Bedroom Stuff