Rainbow Christmas Tree

Did you have one of these ceramic lighted trees as a kid? We did and it might be my favorite Christmas decoration memory from childhood. (Well that and an odd stuffed Christmas mouse in clothes that hid under low slung furniture? Mom???) I looked forward to organizing those little plastic bulbs all year long! It was the Lite-Brite, another childhood OBSESSION, of holiday decor. Of course, I wanted my kids to have the same exact experience (parents are so weird) so I found one of these vintage Atlantic Mold trees when they were babies and now my kids look forward to popping in the colorful pegs every year too. Weird mission accomplished.

My daughter rearranged all the little bulbs and birds in rainbow order a few years back and it was like an explosion of 80’s nostalgia all rolled up in one little tree. Rainbow isn’t usually my thing, but now this is the only way we decorate our lighted tree. For those of you looking to light up a ceramic tree of your own without going vintage, good news! They are making a comeback and everywhere from Amazon to Target is carrying them! About time, because finding these trees vintage can be a job. They are always the first thing to be scooped up at estate sales. The one below is my favorite but this all pink one is pretty great too. I was reminded of all this when I saw this perforated little tree at Target recently – I don’t think is meant to be used with bulbs but it would look amazing with some glowy balls or even crazy birds! And battery powered!Now you know I’m a bit of a Christmas minimalist, but there remains one Christmas decoration on my hunt list to eventually take the place of my more traditional tree. The ever elusive 60’s ultra-modern ceramic light up tree. Like this. The best, right?! Unwilling to pay ebay prices, I’ve been waiting for 10ish years to find one “in the wild” with no luck. Send me good scavenging wishes for the new year!

And tell me, was a tree like this part of your childhood too????



Guess what? We finished baseboards in our den years after we put the wood floors down because sometimes doing everything yourself takes a long time pat on the back anyways and to commemorate the accomplishment, I figured an updated room tour was in order. I seem to share this space yearly during holidays (last year and year before), but guess I haven’t really given a full look in a long time. This post and this post do a thorough job showing and explaining its evolution so I won’t go into all the details today, you are welcome. (Sources at end, though most is vintage)

Not too long ago, we moved out the bookshelf (which I LOVED in here so much ouch) and made way for a desk to give my husband a dedicated and quieter space on days he works from home, which has provided us with slightly more purpose in here. And a much needed pop of orange. We call this room the den, but it’s really our extra space where we would cut square footage if we could. Not that it’s a bad space at all. It opens up to the backyard with big sliding doors and offers great light and is, currently, wonderfully weird. We just aren’t exactly sure how the room can serve us best. We have considered making this the dining room (which creates more problems – what to do with our current one) or opening it up to the kitchen, but neither are compelling enough to act on. Maybe when our kids reach teenage years we will be thankful for the additional living space, but our living room turned family room is our main hang place, so for now this room is confusing. At least it is cute and cheerful while being confusing!



vintage fireplace – more info here
white rug
yellow jute doormat
desk – DIY
desk chair
hanging screen – old Ikea
wicker light – old Ikea
macrame lamp cord DIY
faux sheepskin pillow
wall color – Behr Lime Light
everything else – vintage


Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Macrame Pendant Lamp Cord DIY

I’m sharing a super simple way to beef up plain or ugly pendant electrical cords today! I have and love this old wicker IKEA lamp, but the plain white cord was an eyesore and I finally, years later, had enough and decided to just something about it. The best solution seemed to be a 100 ft of string plus a bunch of hippie knots in the form of this chunky macrame rope. I am so happy with the little bit of warmth and texture it adds to our den!I used this string and watched this video, using the lamp cord in place of the middle two strands.I roughly halved my string and looped it around the light cage inside the shade.The knot is so easy to make. Use the left string to make a 4 shape over the cord, then take the right string and go over the left strand, under the intersection of the left and middle, and then up through the triangle of the 4.  The whole project took about 2 hours and 100 ft of string yielded approximately 10 ft of macrame. The only troubleshooting I had to do was take care that my string wasn’t twisting and warping my knots, and also that my knot tightness was consistent through the whole project for a uniform look. I did a snug, but not too tight knot.I want to macrame all the lights now!

On a personal note, our family was devastated to say goodbye to our beloved dog Jackson last week. It was unexpected and sudden and not at all what we had hoped this year would bring. His absence has been hugely felt in our home, like I could never imagine. I want to thank you all so much for the love on IG. You are such an uplifting and decent community and you truly add value to my life so THANK YOU. If you have a doggie, do their favorite things with them as much as you can because you never know when that last walk, wrestle, or eating out of the trash may be…