Shelf Rearrange + Projects While Social Distancing!

Whoa what a week! What was, 7 days ago, a packed schedule and no time to keep up the ol weirdo blog has turned into 4 wide open weeks (wait no maybe 8!!) – so hello! I hope everyone out there is doing their part by social distancing the heck out your life! The schools … More Shelf Rearrange + Projects While Social Distancing!

Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to the Walking In A Winter Wonderland Holiday Home Tour! A group of nearly 20 bloggers have been sharing tours of our holiday homes all week – and today is the day for mine! If you have hopped over from the gorgeous Sarah Johnson blog, then HELLO! Your next stop will be the lovely Decor … More Holiday Home Tour

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Did you have one of these ceramic lighted trees as a kid? We did and it might be my favorite Christmas decoration memory from childhood. (Well that and an odd stuffed Christmas mouse in clothes that hid under low slung furniture? Mom???) I looked forward to organizing those little plastic bulbs all year long! It … More Rainbow Christmas Tree


Guess what? We finished baseboards in our den years after we put the wood floors down because sometimes doing everything yourself takes a long time pat on the back anyways and to commemorate the accomplishment, I figured an updated room tour was in order. I seem to share this space yearly during holidays (last year and year … More Den

Christmas Den

Christmas happened all around the house but I’m only sharing the den today because of this real life fact: I’m incapable of having two rooms clean at the same time. Today the den is clean. The rest of the house looks like the Wet Bandits blew through town. My kids are in an incredibly prolific … More Christmas Den

Den Again

I’m finally getting around to posting updated den photos with the new rug + proper heightened fireplace. If you want to catch up, read all about this room here, the lowering of the fireplace here, buying vintage fireplaces here, the bookshelf here, and the new rug here. That light reading should about cover it!The new(er) rug is working … More Den Again

The Preway Grew

Look who grew by a few feet! Like I said before, this fireplace’s cropped height was driving me crazy because its second flue was too tall by a few inches to fit below the ceiling. It looked nonfunctioning, even though it is (I’m that shallow). And now its fixed, but still nonfunctioning…if you call a centerpiece … More The Preway Grew