Main Bedroom Progress, part 2 (and a Black Accent Wall)

Yesterday, I shared part 1 of the main bedroom redo including our to do list, a little inspiration photo, and the journey of our room thus far. Now it’s time for the boatloads of photos.danish modern dresser

mid century danish modern bench

Danish wicker sconce

desk accent wall

starburst clockI know what you are thinking. Yes, that is that an accent wall. I know, accent walls are so 1995 and it just turned 2015 29 days ago. But can they look modern and normal if used in the right places? And a whole wall acting like a headboard could be one of those places, ya? My original intention was to black grasscloth wallpaper that thing. In haste while waiting for my wallpaper fund to grow, I spent the $30 for a bucket of paint. The color is not actually black, but a very mirky dark gray – Behr Stealth Jet. I think I’ll still eventually wallpaper it, but for now it’s brass wire tableThe wonky headboard situation is part of an unfinished bed project. I really, really love our old bed frame, a 1950’s Heywood-Wakefield frame (you can see it in the previous post). We’ve had it since we got married. It looked so warm and great in the room. However, we finally upgraded to a queen after squeezing onto a full bed for 11 years. That, unfortunately, meant our bed frame had to go (not far…it’s in the guest room now). The original plan was to buy one of those danish modern floating frames with built in nightstands on the headboard. But I’ve been a total craigslist loser in that department. My husband decided to build something similar instead. He quickly built this unsightly platform to get the mattress off the floor. It will eventually have nice tapered legs instead of 2 x 4’s, a frame all the way around the platform, and a pretty headboard with built in tables. Impatience got the best of me while waiting on his schedule to open up for woodworking projects so I took to craigslist to find a temporary fix. I found it in this $25 Danish Modern cane headboard, above. Awesome price. Beautiful piece. Wrong size. It’s a king. And its been tampered with (legs chopped off). And, worst of all, our giant marshmallow mattress totally obscures it’s goodness. I do love it though and am now considering somehow incorporating it into the final design. In summary, I have no idea what I’m doing. The only thing that I’m sure of is that the bed needs to be lowered because it looks ridiculous and I love benches at the foot of beds.

My husband made this desk! I love it but we are considering moving it to his office and getting something a little more dainty and dark in here, though I do love the mix of wood colors in here. Usually I’m not a big fan of having an office space in the bedroom, but this works for us right now. My husband sometimes needs a quiet place to work at home and our children are still young enough where I don’t want a computer in the middle of the house. Plus, our kitchen has a built in desk area that handles our day-to-day clutter (mail, shopping lists, homework, etc.) so this space stays relatively clean.Black accent wall desk eames chair herman millerWe decided to go with bamboo shades throughout the house. This room had some shutters on the window that were most likely original to the house. I almost kept them but their built-in design really kept a lot of the valuable light in this one window room. For that reason and for continuity’s sake, I went with the bamboo blinds in here. I can’t say that I love them and I don’t hate them either. The bad is that they don’t offer the best privacy and they are a pain to open and close. The good is they are interesting and cheap(er). This window is actually so wide that I needed to stack two shades next to each other, but the install is surprisingly tight, even when they are down.Black accent wall bedroom behr stealth jetOne of my favorite things about the room is its access to the backyard. It would be even nicer if it was a sliding door, but this will do. I want to put some type of simple, modern french door here to let in some light and open up the view to the back. This dresser is a vintage Heywood Wakefield number.heywood wakefield dresser encoreThose are vintage Danish sconces and the wire brass tables are from Target (and have since been relocated to the family room).Danish headboard and sconceAnd this is my dog that matches my room. The carpet… The whole house, minus the kitchen and bathrooms, was carpeted when we bought it. It was older carpet that had never really seen a lot of use in the bedrooms and living room. We’ve never really lived with carpet before and I’ve never been a fan. The thought of dog hair and whatever else hiding in carpet grosses me out. But, aside from the dog hair issues, I am understanding the appeal. It’s cozy feeling and nice with kids. We are putting in hardwood flooring almost everywhere, but we’ve decided to keep it in the family room and my husband is pushing for it in the bedrooms (partly or mostly, I suspect, to avoid more hardwood installation!). I am so strongly against that. So, I’m not sure what the future holds for these floors. I do know that I did such a shoddy job taping off/painting the baseboards in here since I was 100% positive they would be ripped out by now. Bad move. One more thing to address.Mid century bedroom with dogThis fan clearly needs replacing. Some people have strong opinions against ceiling fans. I don’t mind them. Our house doesn’t have AC, like most houses in our town, so ceiling fans are needed in the summer. I haven’t found anything I even like so this is staying until I can pull myself together and pick out something different.fanThere’s been a revolving door of art over that dresser, but I think I’m finally settled on that abstract watercolor that’s in here now. The dresser is vintage Lane.mid century abstract painting lane dresser

mid century danish modern benchmaster before dot paintingmaster beforemaster beforeThere’s a cute little pocket door that closes off the closet/dressing area (that also leads to the bathroom). It is hardly ever closed. But when it is, it just sits there being all 70’s dingy yellow (just like the closet doors you can see when the pocket door is open). It needs to be painted. That makes the paint choice seem obviously one of two things: obviously just paint it white or obviously go crazy with some brilliant color or design. But it’s not obvious which one.master bedroom pocket door

mid century dresserThe view from beyond that pocket door from that dressing area place that we don’t quite know what to call. You may have astutely noticed some pattern on the walls. There’s some exciting faux wallpaper going on in there. I’ll share soon. Black accent wall bedroomUntil then…what do you think: are accent walls back or have they never really gone away? Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Main Bedroom Progress, part 2 (and a Black Accent Wall)

  1. I think accent walls are awesome. The real question is do you like it? That’s most important. But like everything if you wait long enough it will come back around again…look at fashion!! :) I have dark grey walls too. I painted my whole room in it because I wanted a very, very serene room. I go, go, go so much, I wanted a space where instant calm comes to mind. But I am considering painting a couple of the walls white again. Your room is lovely! Great work.


  2. BTW, the desk your husband built is fantastic! And I do love the West Elm desk. You can’t go wrong with either and mixing wood is really smart. You can totally have different wood tones in a room just like different metals. It makes a room intriguing as well as a wow factor that hits you not right off the bat, but subtly like “this room is cool!” Not sure that makes sense. Anyway I know i’ve said this already, but your style is great. All you. :)


      1. I’ve been visualizing something similar for a while, but having trouble finding it. Maybe I’ll have a go at painting something. Any tips you’d share?


      2. Just go for it! Sometimes I get it “right” pretty fast, and other times it takes a long time…but the great thing about paint is that you can always paint over it if it isn’t working. My best tip for minimal/abstract paintings: surface texture and slight variations in tone within colors are often the difference between a painting that feels really dynamic and interesting and one that feels flat and boring. Texture, texture, texture! Good luck!!

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