Painting Thrift Store Lamps

Someday when you are thrift store shopping and you find an ugly but interesting lamp – like this pink ugly beauty for 3 dollars – why not buy it? And take it home with you. And spray paint it glossy navy. And then you may have a surprise favorite lamp. I did and do.Mid century lamps thrift storeI can’t explain why I bought this; it ventures into Baroque territory which is so far outside of my standard tastes that it’s in another realm. But I scooped it up, along with a few other $3 treasures. Why? Possibly because it was ugly enough to be good lookin’ (because sometimes those 2 things intersect on the attractiveness spectrum, you know?). Regardless, if I took it home and hated it, 3 dollars down was something I could live with. It should be noted that I carried all 3 to my car at the same time with only my 2 arms and didn’t scratch one of them. Picture it.

Mid century lamps thrift storeAgain, I inexplicable went with a color I rarely, if ever, use – navy. The paint is Krylon glossy basic navy that is much more rich and beautiful than I expect a spray paint to be. Isn’t it cute? It sits in a corner on a bookshelf and brings something different to my usual mix.

Vintage blue lamp

Vintage blue lampI wouldn’t spray paint a vintage ceramic or wood lamp, but this thing is chalkware that was chipped and had already clearly been painted by someone else. Which equals guilt free spraying.

Vintage blue lamp on bookshelf

So, hot or not? Do you have an ugly thrift store lamp living in your house and how much do you love it?

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