DIY Teardrop Starburst

diy teardrop driftwood starburst wall hanging painting covering hole in wall stucco patio I’m in the middle of removing wallpaper in the family room and it is literally coming off in tiny little pieces and driving me insane. (On the flip side, grasscloth came today!!!! It’s the circle of life.) Anyways, I needed a break so I worked on this weird little project instead. The problem was that our 1961 house had futuristic intercoms installed throughout it at one point in time. The only remaining one is at the front door, right here: vintage house intercom When we got the house there was also a non-functioning unit in the guest bedroom, plus an empty cavity from another in the master. We patched up the bedroom holes before we moved in but didn’t discover another hole out on the patio until a few months after, hidden behind a flowery-so-not-my-style thermometer the previous owners had left.hole in the wall stucco cover intercomObviously we need to patch the stucco at some point, but today is not that day. The goal was to cover this up with something interesting. Surprisingly, I had the hardest time finding anything that worked. Do you know that vintage starburst thermometers are pricey and hard to come by? So, that was out. I bought a mirror, it was way too big. I bought a mosaic, it was way too small. I tried a few pieces I had floating around the house, but all were too airy and showed the thing I was trying to hide. Round 5 brought me to this faux driftwood starburst at Homegoods for $20. I thought about just making one myself, because this is sloppily thrown together, but I was feeling lazy and it was cheap. I think it’s actually made of crappy fence posts and it’s way more beachy/shabby-chic than I’d normally go. But the proportion seemed right and I liked the natural wood element, so I bought it. And it was just right. Except the hole still showed! driftwood starburstI tried to add a mirror, but it was too boring and not at all fun. BUT, I was loving the semi-circle thing that was serendipitously going on up there, so I came with this painting instead on a scrap piece of masonite. I made a teardrop shaped stencil from cardboard and eyeballed their placement. (Next time, I will bust out the protractor.) I used orange, no duh. After the fact, I decided I liked the orange side solid instead of patterned, so those tears got painted white painting

stencil making

painting orange white starburst

driftwood starburst painting woodard spun fiberglass chair patioSo, there you have it. Hole is covered. I’m planning on sharing the sad state of our patio soon, tool piles and all, so until that sad day, happy trails!


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