Fireplace Cushions…Yea or Nay?

I’m clearing out closets left and right, and stumbled upon these cushions in the back of one of them. The previous owners had the cushions made for the fireplace in our family room. I liberated that hearth immediately when we moved in, but held on to the cushions for later review because I saw their potential practicality. And the fabric is quite adorable. The time for decision is now. I want closets cleared of stuff we don’t need. So…do we need these or pass them along?mid century rock fireplace brutalist sculpture cushions hearth Pros: They are very well made, comfortable, in near perfect condition, in a good choice of fabric, and they soften up the hardness of all that rock.Cons: Sections were made to fit around the former fireplace surround, which is long gone, rendering the center section confusing and clunky. They also block access to the built-ins, which house our much used board games. And not that we have fires often, but it sounds annoying to remove them all when you want a fire.I could hang on to them and bring them out for gatherings, but who are we kidding? I’m not a party person. I’m not a people person. I don’t hobby entertain. And I have a gazillion chairs because what I am is a chair person. And these take up quite a bit of storage square footage, which I don’t yield lightly. So unless our family will use them in our daily life, this is where we part. I’ve been uncharacteristically decisive and ruthless with nixing possessions lately, but these are leaving me stumped! Weigh in!


6 thoughts on “Fireplace Cushions…Yea or Nay?

  1. Let it go! Let it go! I think it looks so much more clean without the cushions. But this is just my opinion. Plus you can´t put a plant or decorations on the cushions…..I love that your house has such a clean look….


    1. Silke my friend, I miss you so much!!!! I think your advice is right on. I know these add clutter. Thanks for the input and come visit :) Hope you and the family are doing great!


  2. First, I have to say I love the cushions! The only time I can imagine them being useful is if you host a bridal or baby shower – I can picture your guests sitting on the cushions as you use this space for extra sitting. In reality, no need to keep them.


  3. I agree with Silke, let these go. They take up a ton of storage space, they don’t quite fit right since removing the fireplace surround, and although the fabric is nice up close it’s kind of blah from far away and doesn’t really add to the look of the room. Looks much better decorated with the plant, in my opinion!

    Since you love the fabric, you might brainstorm another use for some of it? For instance, you could keep just one cushion and find/make a bench for it to sit on (maybe an entryway bench if you need something like that)? Or refashion the fabric into some throw pillows?


    1. Love your thoughts Amy! Thank you!!! Totally agree! I’m gonna spend a little more time with them and then pass them along because they aren’t something I need or love. I need to crowd source all my indecisives from now on because sometimes that little extra encouragement is all you need to face the truth, haha!


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