Halloween In

Hi!!! Such a quick pop-in to share pictures of what we got going inside for this Halloween season (I shared outside last time). I usually throw all I got, which isn’t a lot, at one spot inside and call it a day when decorating for Halloween. But not this year! I went all out. No I didn’t. But by the abnormal standards I use, this is over-the-top. Apparently putting up fake spider webs has me thinking that I’ve built the Haunted Mansion but whatever…I’m feeling very festive and this is the most clutter I can handle.

So here is me going nuts in the entry! And also my apparent shrine to Target. Everything, down to the extension cord, is from Target except that old Italian wind organ – which has lived in the entry for months, but has never made sense in there until Halloween entered the picture.(Umm did you check out my baseboards? I’m kinda legit!)

And this is me going bananas decorating the family room! That giant pumpkin is real and fantastic (and was only 5.99 at Trader Joe’s?!) My kids made these bats a few years ago and I can’t handle the adorableness.OK, so did I blow your mind with my extravagant decorations or what?? Until next time friends! xoxo


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