Seven Magic Mountains

No house projects today, just a rainbow made of rocks! Last weekend, we took a quick trip to Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas. The town often leaves a gross or at least weird taste in my mouth, but we had a good time. We stayed at the Delano, which for a LV hotel was actually wonderful, ate at our random favorite 24 hour sushi restaurant, saw THE STRAY CATS (sooooo good oh my goodness), and stopped to check out Seven Magic Mountains up close.

The Stray Cats obviously topped the weekend, but Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains is not to be missed! I’ve driven past multiple times, always in a rush, and I’m so glad we decided to slow down and get out this time. Human marking on the land has always fascinated me and man building weird stuff in the harsh desert is the apex. The installation is truly beautiful, massive, and totally worth a stop. I couldn’t wait to google the actual build process (here you go!). When we visited on a busy Friday afternoon, it was a sea of selfies, but even so there was a lot of solitude up close beneath the boulders. The most photogenic boulders ever. These are cell phone photos; imagine what a “real” camera would do with these ice cream scoops! If you need a nudge to pull of the 15, the intended short-lived sculpture is only guaranteed to remain up through the end of the year, though plans are underway to extend the installation.

(Homeschool parents: I just found some STEAM related lessons for K-12! Even more excuses for a visit!)

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