Dining Room Bookshelves

How do we feel about bookshelves in dining rooms? Kinda weird, right? It’s not my preference, but with our current room/furniture arrangement, having our long and low bookshelf along our dining room wall is what works right now. I loved its previous home in the den, hated its short-lived residency in our family room (I guess enough that I never photographed it there), and kinda like it in our dining room now.

I do love that it gives some purpose to our awkward kitchen pass-thru wall and adds a pop of color to a monochromatic room. I feel the same as I always have about color-sorted books: it’s pretty tacky, and sign me up.
I’m continually purging books and feel like my stacks are at such a pretty, minimal place right now! Shedding excess books has been super freeing and I highly recommend it…though this home library embraces the opposite mentality and is so beautiful!

My husband built this bookshelf, by the way. Sliding doors made of waxed luan hide uglier reads, kids books and photo albums.I have always struggled with how to style the top and I visually really like this version. A home bar would make sense, except we aren’t the boozy type. This beautiful glass set belonged to my grandparents who stored it in their swanky wet bar, so I love seeing it, but the placement of barware in here seems a little pretentious considering. Just add it to the “pretty tacky, but sign me up” list.We are off camping in Sequoia this week so hopefully right now I’m not being mauled by a bear after trying to hug it. If I survive the camping/bear hugs, then see you next time friends!!! xoxo


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