Vintage Holiday Magazine

Super excited to share that our Christmas home is in the current issue of Vintage Holiday Magazine! We had so much fun getting all our decorations out for this shoot…IN THE HEAT OF SUMMER! We literally had Christmas in July. The only thing missing was a live tree! Compared to Christmas last year (den and family room), I really amped up the color. I stuck to my usual punchy but minimal approach to Christmas decorating, and that near-and-dear topic ended up being the whole angle of the article. (By the way, that is Krys Melo’s adorable pink tree on the cover!!!) The actual shoot was hectic so I don’t have any behind the scenes pics to share. It was a double shoot where holiday was photographed first and then I hastily removed all remnants of Christmas to shoot each room “regular” for an upcoming feature in another publication! Let’s just say I was very sweaty and couldn’t keep up at all! It was like a Disneyland holiday overlay in my own house that I was responsible for moving in minutes. I did get a few shots of my own the day before to show how everything was styled…

The den got stockings, a mini vintage wall tree, and lots of turquoise. The family room got the aluminum tree, our orange Bertoia chair, a dressed up bullet planter, and so many fake presents! And I did the entry almost exactly like I did for real Christmas last year. Only thing different was the new orange front door, which had an exciting wreathed moment. I love that my kids will always remember that one crazy summer when our weird family had second (first?) Christmas. AND NOW IT’S TIME TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!!! xoxo Christmas Maniac


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