Den Paint – ORC Week 2

Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge! If you missed it, I’m in the middle of reworking our den. Last week I shared the areas I want to improve and vague plans.

Today, I’m sharing FRESH WALLS! The blue is long gone and things are feeling very light and bright! I painted right before we left for Palm Springs last week…and it was the best coming home to this flood of light. It took an annoying amount of coats to cover the blue, but I was expecting that. I’ve learned that painting white over any color, no matter how “light” you might think it is, is always a chore. Even if you pop for high quality paint. In order to avoid any weird undertones seeping through the white, primer first always!

I followed with two coats of Behr Ultra Pure White, the same as the rest of the house, in a matte finish. AND AND AND we got started on adding some faux board and batten to the wall! I’ll share all the details next week, but it has seriously been such a satisfying and cheap project!I’ll end with this haunting image of our life right now. Our family room, holder of all misfit furniture:Let’s just say I am very motivated to put the house back in order! I’ve been consumed with the how of that, pinning away inspo pics on my den Pinterest board if you want to follow along!

Be back next week with the whole board and batten process! xoxo Jenny

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