My Favorite Ceiling Fan…and I Painted it Gold

(UPDATE: MORE ON THE PAINTING PROCESS HERE.) Finding good looking ceiling fans is the worst! An impossible feat – even if you have a big ceiling fan budget, which I don’t. I do, however, have a major need for ceiling fans. In every bedroom. The breezy Pacific is close enough that air conditioners aren’t common or needed more than … More My Favorite Ceiling Fan…and I Painted it Gold

DIY Portable Kid’s Growth Chart

I always imagined tallying my kids’ height milestones on a doorframe or wall in the one house where their childhood would play out. But, like so many young families, we’ve spent our time in several different temporary houses where I knew sweet memories would have to eventually be left behind. Thankfully, Martha Stewart Living came to my rescue with … More DIY Portable Kid’s Growth Chart

Painted Striped Ceiling

Another wild paint job? Why not. This blue bathroom originally had a plain old white ceiling (actually, it originally had plaid wallpaper but that’s a story for another day). A white ceiling, white cabinets, pale blue walls, white and blue tiles, blue bathroom fixtures, chrome finishes, and and a light blue and gold floor. I thought that was … More Painted Striped Ceiling