I wallpapered our dressing room this week. I am so happy with the results but IT WAS THE WORST JOB EVER. Surprisingly, I can’t remember another home project, besides shoveling rocks, that I disliked so much. What I thought would take 2 hours, took ten. These walls beat me down and broke me haha. Maybe … More Wallpaper!

Painting Built-Ins

I’ve been putting in time in the family room, trying to get to a place where things just make more sense, but I’ve been stalled on this built-in cabinet. I’ll admit that it’s useful, displaying pottery hoards/Salton Sea relics in an uncluttered way up top and housing board games below. On the flip side, it competes with the fireplace … More Painting Built-Ins

Tulip Table Refurbish

Backyard projects continue with some patio furniture fixing and it’s super fun/nauseating. Most mornings this week have been spent getting high off of spray paint fumes while my kids are at school. I live a pretty clean life otherwise so when my husband commented that I could have just started drinking with the amount of damage … More Tulip Table Refurbish

Everyday Painting Tips

What? You aren’t painting your walls everyday? Odd, cause it seems I am. Which is probably fine with me, because when I think about dream jobs I often end up at maintenance painter for some wacky estate…or even better, Disneyland. Painting everyday. Making things fresh daily. Am I shooting for the moon with this one? By that … More Everyday Painting Tips

Hanging Grasscloth Wallpaper Yourself – DO IT!

I’ve wanted grasscloth wallpaper for so long and I regret that I waited until now to hang it. The installation was much easier than I anticipated. It’s possible that my expectations were way off. By the time I was done I expected to: be crying, have my entire room ceilings to floors covered in wallpaper adhesive, … More Hanging Grasscloth Wallpaper Yourself – DO IT!

Removing Wallpaper

This is mostly a post of pure commiseration. If you are in the middle of wallpaper removal, you are not alone. It sucks. Removing wallpaper is the worst.I finally parted ways with the wallpaper in our dining room. (Well, half of it, but I don’t want to tell you yet why half of it is still up because if … More Removing Wallpaper

My Favorite Ceiling Fan…and I Painted it Gold

(UPDATE: MORE ON THE PAINTING PROCESS HERE.) (UPDATE: CATCH A MASSIVE ROUNDUP OF MODERN FANS RIGHT HERE.) Finding good looking ceiling fans is the worst! An impossible feat – even if you have a big ceiling fan budget, which I don’t. I do, however, have a major need for ceiling fans. In every bedroom. The breezy Pacific is … More My Favorite Ceiling Fan…and I Painted it Gold

DIY Portable Kid’s Growth Chart

I always imagined tallying my kids’ height milestones on a doorframe or wall in the one house where their childhood would play out. But, like so many young families, we’ve spent our time in several different temporary houses where I knew sweet memories would have to eventually be left behind. Thankfully, Martha Stewart Living came to my rescue with … More DIY Portable Kid’s Growth Chart