Throne. I bought this rattan chair. Ok, so I clearly don’t need any more chairs. But I’ve been hunting for a vintage chair like this for years and decided to give into this affordable and gigantic placeholder when it was 40% off over the holidays. I’m SO into it. The chair/throne brings so much character to every room I’ve tried it in, but I think I’ll keep it in this corner that has been begging for a substantial statement-type piece. While I wait for a vintage version to fall from the sky.

Blogs. Did you read this? Bummer but understandable. I was really, really inspired by this home tour a few months ago. Like can’t stop thinking about it. “Do the simple thing” sunk into my renovation psyche. Their master bathroom has me rethinking my master bath plans and just full on copying their layout. Sad to say goodbye to a platform that offers looks into such inspiring homes.

Lights. Thinking about trying this “light trick” out with a light fixture I want hung in our family room but am not committed enough to hardwire in place. Basically, you buy these remote-controlled, battery-powered LED puck lights and put them in your fixture in place of a bulb. No hardwiring (or permanent decisions) required! Genius!!

Disneyland. I got this book for Christmas and shared some peeks on IG and people were INTO IT! A lot of fellow vintage Disneyland fans out there. So many questions and I couldn’t link from there, so here you go everybody! If you are thinking about adding the book to your library: it’s huge, it’s gorgeous (and it’s orange under that dust jacket!).Rugs. Considering this Frank Stella-esque runner for a wall hanging over the long couch in the family room, or even in our hallway. The length is great, and the price/sq ft, during reoccurring deep sales, is pretty tempting. Really regretting not pulling the trigger in November when it was $20 something! My only hesitation is that the squares will be more red/pink than orange in person.

January. I loved this blog post. Probably my favorite “New Years” one I’ve read. It brought some clarity and peace to me by putting a lot of (wrong) ideas I’ve been tossing around my brain in check. I’ve been pondering, for the first time in a long time, a return to the workforce. Before having a kids I was a teacher/art teacher but I don’t really want to work with kids in any capacity again…my own have given me enough kid interaction to last a lifetime, ha! Which leaves me thinking about a phase 2 career. It’s easy to let my forward-think, accomplishment-driven mind put the pressure on to make huge and grand future goals. Which has left me feeling anxious that I’m not doing enough to work towards a future career. Even though I have no idea what I want that future career to even be. I needed help distilling priorities. And that post helped put things back into perspective (again, because these thoughts are something I cycle through over and over). Being a mom is actually what I want to be, first and foremost. And I’m already doing that. I’ve made it. There’s no phase 2 career, only jobs that support that first priority. So whoa settle down thoughts of needed to do or be more in terms of a job when everything I’ve ever worked for is right here already. Don’t give into pressure to build a life you don’t actually want. Noted!

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