Mosaic Madness and Radness (AKA a Coffee Table Post)

I was planning on a meatier post today but I have a house full of sick kids (including me), 80 degrees is the forecast, and I’m thinking we can just as easily rest with sore throats and snot at the beach as we can at home. So, instead, a quick look at this guy, the newest addition to our family. A vintage mosaic coffee table:

Mid century mosaic coffee table

Mid century mosaic coffee table

Craigslist is my usual go-to furniture resource but I randomly came across this beast on eBay and had to have it. Or at least have it in person in my house and try it out. The price was super reasonable ($200, a price I would have paid in a second on CL). Being fairly certain I could unload it on Craigslist for at least that, I went for it. Very, very rarely, have I purchased furniture on eBay…and the 2 times I have, it’s been a local pickup. But this was easy to ship and thankfully the seller was a good packer.

Mid century mosaic coffee table

I have a coffee tables all over my house (not really, just 2) and they are both awesome. Though small. Both are dwarfed by the large couch in our family room. We have a slat bench/coffee table that looks great in there. Slats, however, and while so good to look at, aren’t the best surface for board games or glasses of water or launch pads for jumps to the couch. See them all…

Danish Modern mosaic coffee table       Danish Modern slat coffee table

Mid Century Burl Redwood Coffee Table       coffee table #4

Needless to say, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a coffee table for a while. These have been some Craigslist contenders:


Vintage Lane Perception Coffee Table Source


Vintage American of Martinsville Walnut and Brass Coffee Table Source

Drexel Coffee Table Kipp Stewart

Vintage Drexel Coffee Table Source


(Not really at all a contender because I don’t have $1.5K to spend on a coffee table, but adorable nonetheless.) Jonathan Adler Nixon Cocktail Table Source


Not quite sure if this is a perfect fit for this room. Shorter legs in a different finish are needed (done). Size may still be too small. Wood would probably look better. I’m pretty much in love with it, though, so I can make it work.

Mid century mosaic coffee table

In related news, I also acquired this mosaic this a few days ago; it’s been a weird week. This was purchased with a project in mind (covering an unsightly hole in our stucco on the patio), but it didn’t look as great there as I imagined. Mosaic radness is a welcome in any room of my house so I should have no problem finding a place for this.

vintage mosaic dish

Anyone else purchasing weird stuff this week? Or better yet, has anyone else even thought once about mosaics this week, let alone twice? Let alone purchased them? Just me? OK.




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