Random Updates

Mid Century Modern Desk Danish TeakI feel like nothing has gotten done around here in awhile, but that’s not entirely true. Proof:

Remember this load of a coffee table? Well, it got some better legs. They are a few inches shorter than the old ones and they are walnut. It’s looking real good, in case you don’t have eyes.Mosaic mid century coffee table how to replace table legs vintageThis sweet little stool in our guest room got a reupholstering. My father-in-law found this at the swap meet for dollars and I’ve been on an upholsterer’s wait list forEVER. I finally got the call.Heywood Wakefield Vanity and StoolOur dryer died and we got a new one. I have been waiting for appliances to break so I can replace them for the very superficial reason that they are pukey bisque colored instead of white. I didn’t factor in the time of choosing new ones (and always finding them backordered) while you go without the broken thing. A dryer is the easiest appliance to live without, but it still threw me off big time. The makeshift clothesline in our backyard was getting to be a full time job. We waffled on the top vs front load. Long story short, we ended up with a used but fairly new front load dryer that is awaiting it’s match.new dryerAnd, in the midst of aforementioned chaos, this beauty unexpectedly came into my life. I mentioned before how I was waiting for a smaller, Danishier desk to fall from the sky. That’s pretty much how this happened. A house up the street was having an estate sale that I almost didn’t go to. I’m so glad I did. Not only is this desk exactly what I was looking for at the right price, I bought it from an old friend of the original owner of our house. Now that you’ve had a glance at my sentimental side, take this in:Mid Century Modern Desk Danish TeakI KNOW!!!!! xoxo


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