Painted Patterned Curtains DIY

DIY Painted Printed Curtains Drapes Ikea patterned abstractDo you ever drip house paint on your clothes and notice that the resulting splatter stays forever, despite your best laundering efforts? Admittedly, my laundry skills are weak. But my wardrobe is seriously starting to morph into that of a house painter who forgets to wear their work clothes to the job site. I decided to turn that knowledge into a positive on this curtain project from the guest roomDIY Painted Printed Curtains Drapes IkeaI had a pair of boring white Ikea curtains from our last house that had no purpose here. I have secret dreams to one day be a textile designer and printer (in screen-printed barkcloth, obviously) so instead of giving these away, I went to town with a paint brush and house paint. I didn’t have any fabric paint lying around in cool colors, but I’m stinkin’ rich in cans of interior wall paint. I mixed up some colors until I found the right shade of bile that I was after.paint jar and brush yellowI drew my design lightly in pencil first and then painted right over it. There are no do-overs in this process so if a painterly aesthetic sounds gross, this maybe isn’t the project for you. As you can see, I got a little Pollock sloppy.painting on fabric curtains house paint abstract patternThis probably goes without saying, but the paint will bleed through the whatever is underneath so don’t do this directly on your rug or hardwood floors! I used cardboard and it was fine.DIY Painted Printed Curtains Drapes IkeaI have washed these and they are colorfast, as predicted. Who needs special fabric paint anyways? Thanks for reading!



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