Coral Front Door

Those Palm Springs houses put mine to shame and gave me some renewed enthusiasm for house projects, though time will tell how short-lived. Inspired, I eagerly painted our old front door the day after we got home before I even unpacked.coral pink front doorTo clarify, this door is on its way out as a new one sits in the garage waiting to be installed. Again, just call me crazy. But I’m sure it won’t be replaced for a least another few months and I’m so sick of looking at the beat up beige interior of this one. I took this opportunity to go peachy coral for a moment with some unused trim paint from the garage. I guess I’m going through a phase after my daughter’s bedroom. I can’t get enough of it and, though I don’t want this for the front door long term, it’s fun to switch things up. The color isn’t a dramatic change from what used to be on the exterior, but it looks so much better. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Oh, because of all the other projects I’ve been saying that about. Do you find my lack of baseboards disturbing?
coral pink front doorIn other incredibly exciting front door news, a new-to-me vintage escutcheon arrived! I’m pretty obsessed. It’s the original model of the reproduction Samba escutcheons that Rejuvenation sells. After so much internal debate about what knob/escutcheon to get for the new door, my heart kept coming back to this. I really prefer vintage and Rejuvenation stopped selling their escutcheon seperately from the knob, which I don’t love in combination with this plate. Waiting it out finally paid off. I was thrilled to have this NOS piece fall from the eBay sky a few weeks ago and now it’s all mine! Adding this to the list of fixtures I need to plunder if ever we move out of this house.mid century door escutcheon plate brutalist rejuvenation sambaThe house exterior is demanding some major painting and landscaping, so I’ll be outside if you need me. xoxo
coral pink front door

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