Palm Springs

Edris House Palm SpringsWe just got back from Palm Springs and it’s seriously my kind of town. Every time I go, all I do is WANT. I want in. I want the houses, like every single one of them – definitely including you Edris House. I want the palm trees, want the pools, want the mountains, want the desert. Surely I have moderate to severe desert obsession. I love how there is enough space and desolation to be as freaky as you want to. One day I fully expect myself to become one of those weirdos who lands in the middle of the desert and never leaves. I’ll spend my remaining years making life-size yard dinosaurs out of found desert trash while my skin bakes into a leathery mess, maybe running a you-dig cactus farm on the side to cover my building materials and Indian casino gambling habit. The possibilities are endless, and the unrestrained, kooky architecture just feeds that feeling of desert freedom. Can your heart soar any more?
Frey II House Palm Springs It was such a short trip (given the 8 hour drive, what?!!) and the first time we’ve ever taken our kids so I wasn’t able to comb through the city as much as I like to. But, we got in a hike (where I multitasked and creeped on the Frey II house, deciding that if I ever have to go to jail I want it to be for trespassing), some super fun family bike rides (where I creeped daily through the Las Palmas Alexanders and reaffirmed my belief that I BELONG there), and lots of pool time.
Palm Springs hotel pool palm treesWe stayed at a pretty fun vacation apartment rental through Airbnb this time and loved it. Perfect location right on Palm Canyon, modern enough furnishings and architecture to feel like Palm Springs, and a good pool. It was nice to have a kitchen and “home” basically poolside and, while I feel like I NEED a Palm Springs vacation home of my own, the price on this place was unbeatable. We will be back.cabazon dinosaur t-rex tyrannosaurus rexOn the way home we made it out to Desert Hot Springs for some more creeping, this time on a motel that is for sale (another thing I BADLY WANT and I’m trying to convince my husband to buy because, obviously, mid-century hotel proprietor is in our cards but he’s like no way but I still think it’s a possibility so I’m not giving more info to deter competition…I’m that crazyzyzyzy) and to Pioneertown, which sounds fun to kids when you call it “Old Cowboy Movie Set” but not so fun when you call it “Ghost Town Replica.” Certainly the best part of the slow commute there was the one hour where storm clouds covered the 10 and dusted the mountains in the prettiest and lowest snow I’ve ever seen there and made for some dino magic in Cabazon. Someone built these. A person. Who? Why aren’t we friends? I think I’d like you.cabazon dinosaur gift shop interiorI’m fired up to either A.) Move to Palm Springs or B.) Make my house look more Palm Springsish. A isn’t gonna happen anytime soon, I worked it out on the long drive home, so B it is. Thanks for the inspiration Palm Springs/surrounding desert! I’m thinking I may need to visit every few weeks to keep up momentum, so hopefully see you soon!

(This is the best family vacation pic we could manage.)

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