Christmas Den

mid century christmas aluminum treeChristmas happened all around the house but I’m only sharing the den today because of this real life fact: I’m incapable of having two rooms clean at the same time. Today the den is clean. The rest of the house looks like the Wet Bandits blew through town. My kids are in an incredibly prolific mess phase right now and I’m sure homeschooling is only intensifying mess production. Consequently, I’ve resisted decorating a bit this year. December is crazy enough without clutter so I’ve been trying to keep things simple. I even put away some of the knickknacks I took out…so Grinchy, but necessary for sanity.

Completely in opposition to all that, we have 2 trees up this year. (Hold on while I stuff all that ridiculous complaining about excess back up inside of me.) We popped for the rare real tree. Flocked! It’s super cute and smells so good. Even so, I couldn’t resist putting up our aluminum tree, which you saw a peek of on that last advent calendar post. It’s OK because my tired eyes can totally handle this semi-monochromatic room of joy.mid century christmas aluminum treemid century christmas aluminum treemid century christmas aluminum treeI’m gonna use every ounce of energy to get the family room cleaned up for long enough to snap some pics (done!). Wish me so much luck. Seriously. Merry Christmas everybody!!! Tis the season to be messy!


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