DIY Weaving + Fiber Artists to Follow

diy weaving pom pom fringe brown openHey! We made it back from Palm Springs and came home with so much inspiration and motivation. We’ll see how long it lasts, but this weekend was packed with organizing/selling/donating/hardwood flooring. I have so many photos to share from PS that I’ll be back soon with (lots are on IG), but in the meantime I wanted to pop in, say hello, and share this completely non-Palm Springs related crazy little weaving that I recently weaving lap loomI love weaving because not a lot of skill is involved and you get to go to town creatively. There isn’t right or wrong, in process or materials, and nothing is irreparable. As long as you somehow get your yarn (or whatever) to stay woven, you are a great success. I purchased this loom for my kiddos for a couple of bucks at a thrift store. I see them all the time and think every home should have at least one! We were out of warp so I went with twine and used the negative space to show of its texture. I wove in pieces of leftover yarn and pompoms in mostly random patterns. Everything goes…my kind of project! diy weaving children's loomdiy weaving pom pom fringediy weaving pom pom fringe brown openMy husband is not sold on the weaving’s great big balls, especially in conjunction with the great big balls on that lamp (double double!), but I’m feeling them all.mid century lamp hugeNot surprisingly, fiber artists are some of my favorite to follow on Instagram. Their work is as inspiring as their ability to hustle that fiber into a business. This sounds just like a reiteration of that recent ramble about metal sculptors, but it’s so lovely to see fiber art having a moment. It is good. Check these talented artists out:

Meghan Shimek – cool, large fiber installations

Jeannie Helzer  – chunky weavings

Lauren Williams – swinging dyed tapestries

Erin Barrett – colorful chunky weavings (and a pretty rad house too)

All Roads Studio – textiles WITH ceramics

Jen Hewett – printmaker on fabric

Morgan Satterfield – best house blogger ever ( turned weaving machine

Judit Just – weavings in fluorescents

I just might have majored in Fiber Art had I stumbled into a class earlier. The tactile nature of working with textiles is so much fun and incredibly satisfying. Oddly, sewing is one of the most frustrating things in the world to me and is only kept from last place in craft enjoyment by the existence of scrapbooking, the dead-last worst! But weaving = addicting. Textile printing = dream job. Embroidery = pass that needle. Felting = let’s get stabbing!diy weaving pom pom fringe brown open
Have you guys dipped your toes into the fiber pool? Aside from sewing/quilting, I think it often flies under the radar even for crafty types. But it’s not one to be missed! I, for one, have never tried macrame (I KNOW!?), so that is next on my fiber list. xo


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