The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona

I talked a little about our time in Sedona last week, so today it’s down to business: architectural delights. I always picture Sedona as a wacky retreat for New Agers searching for vortexes, so I was surprised to find this incredible modern chapel just south of town. It is utterly amazing and so appropriate for the landscape, neither competing with or being one-upped by those red rocks. God’s creation and God’s creation’s creation, a monument built for Him. Whether you are the believing type or not, this place will inspire awe and bring you to your knees. Turns out, the concept was actually dreamed up by a sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, in the 30’s and then brought to fruition in 1956 by architect Richard Hein. (After learning that, it seems glaringly obvious that this building came from a sculptor’s mind, doesn’t it?!) This article has some great info on history and process. I would have loved to photograph so many interior details (it’s a modernist dream!), but the day I visited was filled visitors in various states of prayer/reflection/worship so I disrespectfully snuck this one in to give you an idea. Forgive the crappy quality. I was entranced with the floating, winding, aggregate walkways and bench seats.
The chapel is a tourist destination (a bus full arrived while we were visiting), so I recommend getting there early or late if you want some alone time. After seeing all the exterior lights, I wish I would have done a drive-by at night too. We loved everything about Sedona so I’m sure we’ll be back one day! xoxo Jenny


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