Modern Ceiling Fan

Guys, I know I’ve left you hanging for like years on this one, but we finally purchased, liked, and installed a ceiling fan in our master bedroom! Living the life over here. What the heck took so long you might ask? Well, a few things. First off, I purchased another fan (Hampton Bay Trusseau) and wasn’t in love with it in person. The “wood” looked cheap, which was to be expected because it was cheap and fake. I figured I would keep it anyway because it wasn’t the worst, but we had some wonky electrical that needed to be fixed, a very good reason to procrastinate, and in the meantime the fan that I actually really wanted but was too much money (Possini Admiralty) went on sale and I scooped it up! We finally got around to 1. painting it (eek, I know, I have custom issues…) and 2. installing it. It works great, it looks great, I am so happy, sometimes things take a really long time, and life is hard.possini admiraltyAs mentioned before, I was searching for a modern/simple fan in either brass or black, a tall order apparently. The design of this fan was so pretty, especially the honey-colored REAL WOOD blades. But I just wasn’t into the brushed nickel…easily fixable if you are insane like me! I used my all time favorite spray paint, Rustoleum’s flat black, to paint the fan housing. The finish is flawless, even after being hands very much during install. The black looks pretty, pretty good with the wood, huh?! (More info on painting fans here. And I have a decent list of good looking fans here.) possini admiraltyWe’ve been wrapping up a lot of small loose ends around the house this past week and it’s starting to feel less and less like we live in a trash house!!!


9 thoughts on “Modern Ceiling Fan

  1. Tips for painting fans so they don’t turn out looking DIY? Your’s look great! I just purchased the Hunter Leoni fan for our office and though the bronze could pass for black, I don’t want to take the chance. Once its up, its up!


    • I just got up close to be sure and none at all! Looks as good as the day I painted it. I’ve used this same paint on several other projects that see more action, and it’s quite durable. Hope this helps :)


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