Patio Shenanigans

Totally unintentionally, the patio has been all switched up! It all started when one of my kids Chris Farley-ed one of our acapulco chairs. The chair was ruined during the funny, but destructive fall. So, I brought out a black acapulco chair from inside (left without a home after this room’s recent rearrange) and decided to move everything all around to create a bigger seating area. I’m not one for mismatched chair pairs and actually spent some time looking for a matched replacement, but then bought this black and white target rug on sale and just decided to go with a black/white/orange color scheme for now. It’s a marked improvement, especially for only buying one item, and though I’d eventually like to find furniture to actually fit this space, I think I’m headed in the good direction! Part of settling into middle-age is continually messing with your plants. I replanted this small bed with sansevieria once I got rolling on this patio thing. We used to have a prolific umbrella plant that needed major trimming every few months and dropped crap all over. In support of my low maintenance plant mantra, I finally removed it (and relocated a neighboring dracaena that was beginning to block the gate). The sansevieria are a little dinky now, but will really pop once they grow.



B&W rug – Target | acapulco chairs – similar | spun fiberglass chair – vintage

coffee table – vintage | orange and iron table – Target (painted)

wall hanging – DIY | planters – vintage/Homegoods/Ikea

patio set – vintage | chair cushions – Amazon | bird house – similar

doormat – Target | orange screen door – info here


If you have backyard fever, there’s more here.

I definitely have backyard water fever. Instead of bingeing Housewives last week, I spent hours researching backyard hot tubs, and then even more researching pools. Stock tanks, above grounds, spools, plunge pools, you name it. No resolution has yet been reached. Say a prayer for my husband… he has to live with this crazy brain.


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