Halloween Madness

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…and I went a little crazy with the Halloween touches. The past few years I’ve become a holiday decorating minimalist, so this is me really going all out, haha. If not at Halloween, when? Proudly, all the Halloween items still fit into 1 storage box, but there’s fun stuff going on in most every room of the house this year and I’m feeling it!

Starting out front with the new white paint and new black fixtures and the new-to-Halloween orange door!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. This was the year for exterior transformations and dang have we come a long way since our tan and turquoise 2017 Halloween. I didn’t change much in the entry from last year. We are still using this weird old organ as an entry table! The den was given Halloween decoration crumbs, but look how festive! Spider webs are becoming my favorite Halloween addition. Big impact with minimal storage. (Do you notice the couch swap I am experimenting with? The colors are working.) We are still doing this. Probably until my kids are 40.
My very complicated addition to the kitchen/front window. Whoa, we even spilled the festivities into the bedrooms (see this one here). OVER THE TOP.
We’ve been doing Halloween family movie/show nights every Friday…Spooky Buddies is an all time favorite of my kids and I tolerate it for the Halloween campiness of it all. But we recently started watching The Addams Family together (the original TV show), which I loved as a kid but haven’t really watched with adult brains, and it is SO GOOD! They are all I want to be. Tish is my new role model. What are some of your favorite Halloween movies/shows? And do you go all out decorating for Halloween or pass? xoxo Jenny


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