Modern Mid Century Exterior Christmas Lights

A few Christmases ago, I had the wacky idea to light up the sides of our house with some red and green flood lights, in addition to the string of colored lights along our roofline…and it was better than I even anticipated. I was inspired by a mid century house I used to be infatuated with in Cheviot Hills. Year round, it had red and green lights illuminating it’s entry. That entry still haunts my dreams, haha. It was easy to translate the idea to full house Christmas exterior lighting. The only issue was the electric bill that year, as we were running c9’s and incandescent floods yikes! The following year we added a few more floods and ditched the roof lights all together. Electric bill still out of control.

Last Christmas we finally invested in a big ol’ set of red and green LED flood lights. They aren’t cheap, but they do have a 10 year warranty so I’m hoping I don’t have to think about exterior Christmas lights for the next decade. Guilt free, I’m now blasting this RGRGRGR from 4:30pm-who knows when each night. Did I mention this is the easiest set up ever???? And barely anything to store! Big impact, so simply! The fresh white paint job is only helping the colors shine!

Here are the red and green LED flood lights we are using, screwed into a mish-mash of outdoor flood fixtures like these.
We decided to string a few c9’s around the palm tree this year too, as high as my husband could semi-safely climb. The only problem the lights have presented is this: I want colored outdoor lighting year round. Not glowing on the sides of the house necessarily, but illuminating plants in a moody, dramatic rainbow. Like a tiki bar that is your house. Is that too much to ask???

Happiest holidays to all of you!!!! xoxo Jenny


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