1. Current issue of Atomic Ranch is FUN. Full of Palm Springs goodness and our front door (pre-exterior painting) even makes a little appearance!

2. Shared this listing of a sweet 70’s house on IG and it’s too good not to mention here also. I have strong urges to hoard 70’s coastal California redwood houses and this local geometric masterpiece is killing me. (Pending is not me haha) And OK fine, since we’re already down this rabbit hole, check out the interior of this one too from a few months ago. All I have to say is LADDER IN THE BATHTUB.

3. Been a long time since I’ve really enjoyed a movie, let alone two. I watched Beautiful Boy and Tribes of Palos Verdes last week and was very into both oddly similar films. Beautifully shot and atmospheric with strong underbelly of California vibes, and both set in EXTREMELY INTERESTING HOUSES. I paused several times each to google the houses because that is who I am. (And even got some answers!)

4. Interesting read from a few years ago regarding generational trends in furniture acquisition.

5. This podcast had me thinking I should start sewing my own clothes. I’m the avoid-sewing-machine-at-all-costs type, so I’m confused where these urges are coming from. But I think I’m just ready to confronting the perils of fast fashion, admittedly always pushed to the bottom of lifestyle changes list. I thrift/buy vintage, have a few favorite indy designers, and try to buy only what I love, but I’m as guilty as anybody of impulse grabbing a clearance sweater at Target. My favorite take away was: the most impactful thing you can do to is to wear and love the clothes that are already in your closet. I can do that!

6. Been soaking up this house, done by one of my favorite interior designers, and in the process found a new-to-me architectural firm pumping out greatness. While I recognize a lot of their work, I had no idea they were all executed by one firm.


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