Investing in Art

I’m one of those nuts who is moved by clay. I love “art” (meaning very debatable, but I’m referring to visual art here) in general, and ceramics in particular. And I’m trying overall in my home to have less but have better; to surround myself with objects and art that I love and inspire me, instead of ones I just sort of like. With that, I’m trying to avoid spending money on mediocrity so that I have both the space and budget to pop for extra special pieces with longevity. Enter this wall hanging by MQuan, one of my favorite contemporary ceramicists, that has been haunting me for the past few years! Years. IT IS NOW HANGING ON MY WALL. Gorgeous, graphic, and a little kooky. It’s true love.I’ve been eyeing these pieces for a while now, never thinking I could afford one for my self. Or rather, that it was responsible to spend so much on non-essentials like art during our single income/double college fund stage of life. But while we were in Palm Springs this past Thanksgiving, Trina Turk residential happened to be having a sale that pushed it into the realm of possibility. These hunks of clay have undeniably been calling my name for long enough that I thought maybe I should listen. Finding a cheaper substitute wasn’t going to do the trick, and would only add to clutter and wasteful spending. So I pushed back some house projects and scratched some other purchases, and made it happen. A long-considered impulse buy, if you will! Even so, it was way more than scrappy-thrift-store-me would usually spend on art, let alone non-vintage art. Or on anything really. The verdict: I don’t regret it for a second. Best investment ever. (And a very memorable souvenir, ha!)

A great thing about (minimally) filling your home with pieces that you truly adore, is that they can single-handedly carry a room. I purchased this with the dining wall in mind, and after agonizing over which room would receive the honor because it made every room, I went with that first instinct…mainly because I can see it from the most number of adjacent rooms, haha! I finally worked out the logistics of getting it hung last week and it is SO stunning. A smile maker. Black and white cookie magic. That blue wall behind the Preway in the den was a VERY strong contender. When I’m feeling the urge to switch things up, clay cookies are headed there! We’re still working on the transition between these rooms, and cleaning up this view, but I love that I can sneak a peek from so many vantage points.
OK, I also nabbed one of these mini ornaments. I wanted to hug it so it came home with me. I guess that’s how you know when you’ve found the one(s).



chairs – Ikea, no longer sold


wallpaper (and a DIY)

wall hanging

rattan chair

wicker stools

everything else – vintage

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