Vintage Trailer Park + Stuff

1. We took a kid-free getaway to Ventura and stayed in a vintage trailer at Waypoint Trailer Hotel. It was such a fun alternative to a hotel and utterly adorable! A cute trailer without any of the baggage. This was trailer #9.

2. Did you catch this AMAZING DIY wood screen by Robert Maurer???!!! It is like our front yard screens but on steroids. My mind is blown forever. You can read a great article on his backyard at Atomic Ranch (or his entire house in the latest issue!) and see all his innovative home projects on his blog, Mid-Century Maurer, which I can’t recommend enough. It’s hands-down one of the best blogs I read!

3. I got another Circa50 chair cover for another vintage butterfly chair frame that I acquired and couldn’t let go of. Reminded of how much I love their products! See this post of mine for more info if you too need a butterfly chair cover.

4. Do you have a drive-in movie theater in your town? We do and it’s one of our favorite summertime activities. You can check the map here to support your (possibly) local drive-in! (Or buy one haha!)

5. If you too head to Ventura for a vintage trailer fix, don’t miss the tiki bar downtown. I’ve been trying to convince my son to let me tiki up his room floor to ceiling ever since. With no luck. Can I design a home tiki bar/room for someone out there??? Hit me up!


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