Modern Gate DIY

We’ve needed to rebuild our gate for like years. It was water damaged, flimsy, and only hanging on by 50 unsightly emergency screws. It was one of those semi-easy projects that we continually ignored, only thinking about it during high winds when it would bend and bust open. Design indecision really dragged progress. I wanted something modern and fun (ideally, a return to the original diamond design!) but structural strength was required. An X or Z shape are necessary for that strength and we couldn’t land on any design that seamlessly integrated those beyond the literal X gate we had before, a simple classic design that fits in with our mid century rancher. We improved upon it, keeping an X on the yard side of the gate, and making a clean minimal slab on the driveway side. It feels solid and looks crispy, and most importantly – isn’t being blown open by moving air anymore :)We decided to build the gate in place for a custom fit because our fence runs along a sloped and curved driveway and is also old, tilted and generally wonky. Right angles are nonexistent. The X frame was built first out of redwood with screws on the side that would be covered. Then a (custom, non-square) plywood piece was screwed onto that front. We filled all holes and caulked before priming/painting.I stuck with a bright yellow color similar to the shade I had tried out before, this time actually using exterior paint. The color is Soleil by Dunn Edwards in semi-gloss. The black thumb latch and hinges and offer nice contrast, along with our black exterior lights. (This gate latch is good looking too.)I know I’ve reached crazytown color level with the orange back door being only a few feet away, but I’m doing it anyway.
(Sidenote: if you are looking for a cheap and basic beach cruiser, I’ve had this bike for years and love it. My only regret is talking myself out of the orange!)I realize I’ve neglected to properly share the white exterior of our house. Mainly it’s the ongoing weeds in the front, and a mess of ongoing fence repairs out back, but I’ll get there! The house color is Dunn Edwards Whisper. Thanks for stopping by :)


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