Yellow Laundry Light!

We finally finally finally bought the light I’ve been dreaming of for the laundry room – this wild, punchy yellow starburst from Sazerac Stitches. The laundry room (a generous title for what is actually a little alcove between the kitchen and the garage) doesn’t often make it to the top of the priority list in materials or projects, but I regret not making this simple but impactful swap much sooner!!

The light we replaced, original to the house, was a glass flushmount with a subtle starburst design. It was fine and did the job – probably why we kept it around so long – but it definitely was not substantial enough to make any big impact on the room. I like to keep a minimal and uncluttered laundry room both for function and for clear sight lines from the kitchen (we usually have enough dirty dishes hanging around to fill all mental space haha!). Adding a pop of color and an interesting shape to the ceiling is the best thing – and a reason why lights are my FAVORITE addition to a room. And the only jewelry I want! They add so much visual interest without any extra stuff! Ahhhh I love it so much…Next project in here is to spruce up the inside of the large pantry hidden behind the curtain.I put a wall hook on the inside wall (hidden from the kitchen yay!) to hang random stuff that one might occasionally need hung in a laundry room. I really want to paint the balls yellow, but is that too much yellow balls for one tiny room?? Right now, it’s serving as mask HQ. This is where we started!!!! And below is the original light vs the new light…I previously shared this DIY plywood laundry counter, so check this post out if you want more info!

yellow light
plywood counter DIY
bamboo blinds similar
wall hook

Thanks for reading!!! xoxo Jenny

One thought on “Yellow Laundry Light!

  1. I always enjoy your artwork. It inspired me to buy some canvases from goodwill months ago and paint over them.


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