Halloween Candy Chute

Quick post about our impromptu and super simple Halloween candy chute for weird 2020 Halloween! First off, this is not an original idea, but 100% inspired by a google image search. Second, this is only super simple if you already have a stair rail leading to your front door. Third, our neighborhood is never packed so I’m not worried about kids not being able to social distance; if we lived in a highly frequented spot I’m not sure if I would be encouraging trick or treating congregating at all?? I think it depends on your city and state guidelines, local COVID numbers, and what you are comfortable with. Just don’t make this pandemic worse okay? I assume we’ll get a few trick or treaters no matter what and I personally don’t want strangers coming up to our door right now. This seemed like fun and safe option for us this strange year!The only materials you need are 3″ or 4″ PVC pipes long enough for your rail (they come in 10′ lengths but cut easily with a hand saw), a roll of orange masking tape, and zip ties. We needed 14 feet to span our steps, so we fitted 2 pipes together and trimmed the excess. They attached easily to our existing rail with 8″ zip ties doubled up. We are replacing some gutter drain pipes so we will actually be burying our 3″ chute pipes in the ground soon! Hence, the removable orange tape decoration. But paint is always an option if you want a flashier color scheme.

I added string lights and a sign at the bottom for the big night along with some pumpkins to block off our steps in case any trick or treaters miss that info haha. Stay safe out there everybody! xoxo Jenny

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