Tiny Garden Expansion

The one pandemic hobby that stuck around: veggie gardening. And this year I’m going big(ger). It started in the panic of 2020 with one little 6’x3′ raised bed (similar here) and some crappy curbside pickup soil. It was enjoyable enough that I kept at it and even added a second garden bed in 2022. After a few years of trial and error I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what grows well here and how to maximize our long growing season.

I was really surprised/encouraged by how much food came out of our two little beds last year! Greatest 2022 successes – in California Central Coast Zone 9b – were Black Krim tomatoes, Corno di Toro peppers, Millionaire eggplants, and beans beans beans:

Early April 2022:

Late May:

And, the best, late summer pumpkins!!

Anyways, fast forward to a few months ago. We got rid of our big ass trampoline. It served up fun (+ minor injuries) for many years, but was nothing to look at. It’s departure opened up a sunny plot in the back corner of our yard and all I could see was exponentially more tomatoes and peppers and pumpkins. Garden expansion!

We assumed we’d build raised wood beds, but wood prices and active termites made me rethink. I’ve been extremely happy with the flexibility and durability of the corrugated metal beds we started with, so we’re going the same route just larger with four of these modular metal beds, more than doubling our current garden square footage.

I like that these can be configured a few different ways and their 17″ height is a big plus – I’m hoping more height will keep the dog paws out. I went with white (which is actually more cream colored with a slight green undertone FYI) and the color and material is gonna be great with our wacky backyard fence.

To answer the most common question, no metal garden beds do not get hot or burn/overheat your plants! I was worried about that too and it has never been an issue, even on 100 degree days.

Currently working on clearing this area and figuring out the best layout. This corner is a weird spot where neighbors’ fences/sheds/rooflines converge and I’m hoping strategically placed beds and trellises can hide the hodgepodge and turn up the charm. I’ll share more when I get the new garden up and running!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive modest compensation from purchases made through certain product links. See here for more information, please be thoughtful with what you bring into your home, shop vintage/second hand whenever possible and thank you so much for supporting this blog!


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