Main Bedroom Furniture Swaps

Subtle but magical changes happened in our bedroom! Though not hugely different from last time I shared after I hung the grasscloth, the last few months have brought some furniture additions and subtractions, enough that a full freshening up was in order. The One Room Challenge last May was the catalyst. With the unplanned acquisition of a vintage shelving unit for the den, the huge Preway fireplace that used to anchor that room was relocated to our bedroom – not an easy piece to squeeze in, but I couldn’t bear to part to with it. And then, as we moved our computer/work station to the den, we made two decisions: 1. to add a wild new addition – a bedroom TV! and 2. to sadly part with the no longer needed but insanely gorgeous desk that used to be in here.

But the most exciting change came when my YEARS of consistent Craigslist alerts on all combinations of “danish platform mid century vintage king bed bedframe headboard head board midcentury” finally paid off! From the day we bought this house, I knew I wanted a massive danish modern bed with floating nightstands in the master and I’ve been actively looking for 6 years now. Not an easy find apparently, especially in a king size. We’ve had a few near scores over the years, but none panned out. Recently I officially let that dream die, reasoning that my search would always be fruitless, I’d never be willing to fork over “retail” price, and the vintage caned headboard we had been using as a placeholder was beautiful and good enough. I upgraded its status to permanent and my husband stained the bedframe he’d built to match it. And then this vintage teak headboard popped up on Craigslist at in incredibly fair price, though still steep for cheapo me. I went to look at it within hours and offered less than they were asking, hoping no one else would buy it but fully expecting they would, and feeling sick over that prospect. I was overjoyed when the seller called the next day and said they would take my offer. Sometimes being nice, courteous, and enthusiastic about what you are buying gets you places in life even if you aren’t the highest bidder. Not always, but sometimes it happens! I’m so thankful and can’t get over this piece of furniture!

Sources all listed at the end!The platform bed frame itself is something my husband built to match our old headboard using stained poplar and vintage walnut legs. The poplar was stained in a walnut finish (General’s gel stain – so impressive on cheap poplar!) so it’s a little less red than the new teak headboard, but goes well enough! You can see the unfinished frame here.
This fireplace, from our den, obviously isn’t installed. We have twinkle lights inside for fire illusion only. I scored it for cheap on Craigslist and, though it is gigantic and heavy and really serving no practical purpose, remains one of my prized possessions. More about finding your own here. We borrow that big round rattan mirror from our dressing room after I purchased this wall hanging but didn’t love the scale for this wall. I’m not 100% sold on the mirror for here so I’m keeping options open. Meanwhile, I swapped in this coiled rattan mirror in the dressing room.
OK, so ya, we caved and put a TV in our bedroom. I fought against it for years because it feels so slobbish, but IT IS MY FAVORITE. It’s like I live in a hotel. Since you can see the side of the TV from the hallway, I insisted on a slim and pretty profiled one. If you caught my IG stories (I saved as a highlight) a few weeks back, I macramed over the TV cord! I used the same method I used on my lamp and it only took like 20 minutes!
The room, aside from the wood floors we are majorly procrastinating on, came together just how I envisioned it and I love it so much!



round pillow
mobile – CB2, no longer available
sconces – vintage, similar here and here
books – Modernism Rediscovered and The Book of Tiki
round mirror – CB2, no longer available
coiled rattan mirror 
orange stool
fireplace – vintage but more info on where to find one here
ceiling fan (I painted it)
blinds (these look similar as well)
black grasscloth wallpaper
wall paint – Behr Ultra Pure White
orange door paint – Behr Fireglow
everything else – vintage!



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