1. We swapped out the lights in our dressing room sputnik for torpedo shaped LEDs. Went with these and are happy enough. Love that energy efficient lighting is finally getting better looking (no plastic bottom half!). But we also upgraded our switch to a dimmer and I will say these lights are underwhelming when dimmed.

2. Twice in the past month I’ve stumbled across articles about the new owners of two different homes built by 70’s experimental architect William Nicholson (think Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen’s pad). One a home renovation story, and the other a news story about personal property rights – such an interesting read! I want to be Florence Fang when I grow up. Flintstone chic forever.

3. This casita (garage) renovation is so great. I am very very into that orange couch and am in awe of the inventive design solutions used here. Those cubbies are giving off William Nicholson vibes! And obviously so jealous of the hot tub and outdoor shower situation. Aside from post-beach rinse offs, would we use an outdoor shower or total waste? Because I have the perfect spot…

4. We put a TV in our bedroom and I’m a convert for life. The placement is right in the sightline from the hall though, so we got one with a pretty side profile. The second nicest design I could find (behind the too expensive but lovely Frame).


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