Halloween Outside

I intended to share the Halloween decorating we did all in one post, but couldn’t quite get it done…thanks, offspring. I’m back today to finish what I started. The front porch! Here’s the simple ingredient list for an easy, big impact doorscape (did I just invent a word? prodigy alert!): bags of spiderwebs, spray painted wreath, pumpkins, … More Halloween Outside

Halloween Inside

Halloween, I’m feeling you! The kids have their costumes gathered, there’s been a few tarantula sightings on our street (THE BEST!), the weather is finally cooling down, and the decorations are up. I’m one of those who can’t help myself this time of year and ends up buying all the crap. When the trees start … More Halloween Inside

Easter Egg Web

Hey there everybody! Here’s my weird project for the week. If it looks like I haphazardly strung some stuff together, it’s because I totally did! I usually do zero Easter decorating because I’m just not that into it. I have a deep reverence for the meaning of the day, but humans dressed as bunnies are so … More Easter Egg Web

Christmas Overload!

Christmas decoration goals: To have less. To have better (no junk). To have cohesion. Tasteful but tacky. Festive but simple. Easy set up. Big impact. Minimal storage. I’m not even close to there yet, but every year I try to pare it down a bit to the best of the best/things I love most. My house is … More Christmas Overload!