Easy DIY Wrapped Lamp Cord

Wrapping lamp cord DIY blackThese Danish Modern sconces were purchased for our bedroom. Other than a little dirt, the wiring was in fine condition. They looked great when we hung them but since they aren’t hard wired into the wall,  the unsightly beige wiring snaking down the black wall needed to be addressed. One option was to replace the wiring with a black pendant cord set. This would be easy enough and not horribly expensive (West Elm sells them for $30 each). I am super cheap, however, and didn’t want to tack on $60 to the price of these needlessly.

Danish Modern Wicker Sconce Mid Century Black Wall

Danish Modern Wicker Sconce Bedroom Lamp CordRemember in the 6th grade when it was cool to make friendship bracelets in each other’s hair? Some people are doing that again. (NOT ME.) The trend has even swept the cording community. Wrapping lamp and charger cords with colorful embroidery floss or neon nylon is kind of a thing. While that would let my cords know we are BFFs forever and solve my problem at the same time, I would much rather spend $60 to buy black cords than spend hours wrapping tiny thread around 2 really long cords.

apartment therapy wrapping cords


I did have a ton of black single fold bias tape hanging around contributing nothing to my life so I decided to give that a shot instead. It was thick enough to quickly wrap around the cords, would provide adequate coverage along with weight and texture, and would, most importantly, make them black – the only thing I really cared about.

Wrights Single Fold Bias Tape BlackElectrical tape was an obvious choice to adhere the strand to the cord. From there, I just wound the bias tape down the cord tightly, fastening occasionally with small bits of electrical tape, until I reached the toggle switch. I used a piece of electrical tape to attach it to the bottom and it was done. Each pack of 4 yds covered approximately 4 feet of cording.

Wrapping lamp cord DIY

Wrapping lamp cord DIY black

Wrapping lamp cord DIY black

So much better, right? No more distracting white lines. The cords just disappear into the wall like they should.

Wrapping lamp cord DIY blackDanish Modern Wicker Sconce Bedroom Lamp CordNightstands will eventually cover up the bottom portion of these cords, so I didn’t wrap the second half under the switch but I will if I need to when that time comes.

Danish Modern Mid Century Wall Sconce Pendant Wicker

Danish Modern Wicker Sconce Mid Century Black Wall

Danish Modern Mid Century Sconce Wicker

Danish Modern Mid Century Wall Sconce Pendant Wicker

The color possibilities are pretty endless here with a couple bucks and a few minutes. Thanks for looking!




5 thoughts on “Easy DIY Wrapped Lamp Cord

  1. Wrapped cords look so much nicer! As well as help deter pets from chewing on them. I had to make cord “covers” because my kitties kept chewing on them. Yours looks wonderful! Love your blog and your writing style! Be well Jenny! :)


    1. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments!!! I don’t have kitties to contend with so I would never even think of chewed up cords, haha! That is a whole other realm of design factors you are working with! Have a great day!

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      1. Back in the day, some 20 years ago, I would make cord covers to hide the chains…you know the ones old lighting came with? And then any cords like lamps and what not got covered to match the decor! Too funny. I wouldn’t match the fabric like that now, but a nice memory to think about! You enjoy your day as well. :)


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