Den Reveal – ORC Week 6

One Room Challenge finale post and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it! I have a “new” den I’m in love with and the space is already serving our family better than it ever has.

As an ORC first timer, the accountability and defined timeline has been interesting. I love that it kept me on track (nothing like public peer pressure to keep your wandering eyes on the task at hand!), but I’ve realize how much I like to jump around between house projects when I’m feeling stuck or bored, a tendency that prolongs projects but keeps things fresh. My brain is so done thinking about this particular room at the moment, but I’m so thankful to have a completed space in, for me, such a short timeline! I am really, really happy with how it turned out and very excited to be moving on haha! If you missed any previous weeks, you can catch up right here:

Week 1 Before + plans!

Week 2 Paint!

Week 3 Wall Paneling!

Week 4 Furniture!

Week 5 Art!

And go check out all the other room transformations right here! Reveal day is THE BEST!!!

Ok, let’s get into it with a ton of pictures (sources at the very end!)…The star of the show is undeniably the new wall unit. (For those of you concerned, I moved the big ol’ fireplace to our bedroom and everything is fine! I did have to sell the desk that was in there though…tears, ouch.) I wanted to keep the shelf styling simple and uncluttered. We are gearing up for a redo of our family room built-ins so I collected some favorite pottery and objects from those shelves – along with a few books from the bookshelf – to move into here and purged the rest. The painting is a DIY I did last week.A delightful surprise has been how not-weird the couch color looks in this space! It sometimes (all the time) reads navy blue instead of gray and I hate it so much. I even thought about selling it over these past few weeks, despite it’s comfiness and overall cute silhouette, because navy is not my thing. But in here, something, maybe all the wood, maybe all the natural light, maybe all the bright orange, is holding down the fort and not letting a drop of blue hit my eyes. Thank you unknown factor for your service!!!
I thought long and hard about hanging art above the couch, but in the end I kept it plain and simple. The shelves have a lot going on so I loved the contrast of a quiet wall. It doesn’t feel empty, just calm, because the faux board and battens give depth. But I did decide to tuck this grouping of tiny paintings into the corner for a little something something. (This is looking into our kitchen.)
I kept the desk (which by husband built by the way no big deal!) area very similar to how it used to be, adding in only a HUGE ORANGE lamp and a our family computer. As I mentioned in week four’s post, moving the desktop in here from our master bedroom instantly brought purpose and function that was previously lacking in this space. We use this room all the time now.Time for some before and afters. Like I previously mentioned, I really liked the den in it’s before state, but it didn’t fit in with the rest of the house. One of the best parts of this room redo up has been general cohesion with adjacent spaces (especially the dining room, kitchen, and backyard…which has since seen a paint job that I have yet to photograph). No more jarring blue in an otherwise sea of orange, yellow, black and white. YAY!!!!OK, are you wondering if I made it under my original $300 budget? Well, depending on how you add, I came in under budget or waaaaay under budget!!! Paint was $70 and the paneled wall was $80. And while I did buy that wall unit during this process (originally for resale before I decided to keep to  myself), I sold another piece of furniture in it’s place, leaving me with a sizable profit. If you count that furniture swap, I made money on this room, cha-ching! Everything, besides the wall unit, was pulled from other parts of the house, a fact I am very proud of! And I even made a big giveaway/sell pile during the process. YES!!!

*so much of this room is vintage so I’ll link similar items where I can

couch similar
Bertoia chair similar (reproduction cover here)
wall unit similar
desk – homemade by husband!
desk chair (I painted the legs)
coffee table similar
side tables
yellow doormat
bullet planter similar
clock similar
small ceramic wall hanging
white lamps similar vintage, similar new
abstract painting DIY
desk painting DIY
tiny paintings DIY
throw blanket
candle holders similar
books: Unseen Midcentury Desert Modern, Palm Springs Weekend, Ceramic Design, Environmental Ceramics, Palm Springs Modern, The New West
wall color – Behr Ultra Pure White in matte

Go check out the other One Room Challenge guest participants and designers!!! I am seriously wowed by the room transformations. Some of them are so over the top that when I start to compare my six weeks to theirs, I feel like a major slacker. Entire kitchens, entire yards, entire rooms full of custom cabinetry done in SIX WEEKS WHAT?! Mine wasn’t quite so involved, but I got what I came here for: a new room, totally finished and that feels amazing. Now onto the next :)

Thanks so much for following along here! xoxo Jenny

7 thoughts on “Den Reveal – ORC Week 6

  1. Hey there Jenn,

    I love rustic and old world looks. They have to be my favorite, but I gotta say after seeing this room. Mid-century modern is climbing up there. Bias wrecker! I love the pops of orange spread throughout the room and the light wood tones. The wall clock is a showstopper. Awesome job.


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