Bedroom with Grasscloth!

A few months ago I finally got around to hanging grasscloth wallpaper in our bedroom and THE IMPROVEMENT CANNOT BE OVERSTATED! It just feels incredibly warmer, even though the wall was painted the same shade before. I worked up the courage to drill into the wallpaper to rehang our sconces so, besides future wood flooring installation that we are procrastinating on, the place is pretty darn done. Not every room comes together like you think it will, but this one is everything I ever dreamed it could be: simple, cozy, bold, and weird. Orange and black probably aren’t most people’s neutrals haha, but this room is my literal comfort zone in life!

Prepare your hearts for so many photos. (Sources listed at end.)The plant is a nice idea, but a total lie because nothing can actually live in this dark corner :( FYI still obsessed with our king bed upgrade.(I spray painted this ceiling fan!) I recently saw – and had to have – this vintage weaving from ebay. It makes this little hallway to our bedroom something special.This is our weird but wonderful dressing room.



black grasscloth wallpaper
side tables
ceiling fan (I painted it)
round pillow
orange door – Behr Fireglow
everything else – vintage

This is the room when we bought the house!Thanks for reading!!! xoxo


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