Retro Halloween Decorations!

Happy October everybody! I’m gonna give a quick tour of our simple but festive Halloween decorations. If you have been here for a while, you know I love holiday decorations that 1. are easy to store! 2. offer big impact in a minimal way and 3. are mid-century/modern/retro leaning in design. Source links at the end!

In the family room, I always go with some variation of simple Halloween details on our fireplace – Trader Joes pumpkins, new but retro looking Halloween buckets, orange twinkle lights – mixed with stuff I already have around the house – plants, faux sheepskins, and vintage plants stands. I shared this in my IG stories last week (saved in a highlight) but I’ll repeat here: buy vintage plant stands when you see them! They are so great to add height in times such as these! I’ve done almost the exact same thing in our entry for a couple years now because it just works and is so easy. Old weird vintage organ, pumpkins (this jack-o-lantern is a new vintage thrifted find!), and blowmold-esque pumpkin lights on a mirror! That’s our Halloween advent calendar around the corner, I know – annoying! Outside, our big spider webs are still kicking (though I had to do a few repair knots on one…I think last year’s sun got to it), and I added a big spider to the mix. I loved this spider from Target because it folds down so small but spreads out to 6′ wide, though I’m not sure how the fur fabric will handle the weather? I also caved and bought that large plastic pumpkin at a thrift store. Storing it all year will be annoying, but I couldn’t resist. (Target has some really cute similar ones and I’m so tempted to buy like 20 in all shapes and sizes and cover our entire front yard slope, Haunted Mansion style…but where would I put them the rest of the year???).



Large black pumpkin bucket
Small orange pumpkin pails similar
Orange lights
Pumpkin lights
Orange stripe rug
Large spider webs

Want even more Halloween??? Check out my Halloween Pinterest board or past Halloween posts! I hope you are getting spooky!


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