Hi wow how are you? Life is weird and overwhelming right now. And I say that knowing full well that my family’s coronavirus hardships are nothing compared to many right now. (In commiseration if you need to hear it: the transition to homeschooling has NOT been a smooth one in our house – and I’ve done this before. My last post is ridiculously ambitious when most of my hours are spent arguing about schoolwork and cooking so many freaking meals. And watching Cuomo press briefings. Parents working from home full time AND trying to homeschool: heroes.) Front line medical workers: superheroes. It’s overwhelming to think things are only getting started when the dystopian vibes are already this heavy…Until the world shut down I was spending 2020 relearning ceramics and I thought I’d share some of my beginner/ re-entry beginner work and an untimely message – unless you truly do have a lot of time on your hands right now – to make space in your busy life for creative pursuits. I know, way down on the list of priorities for many right now. (Big Magic and Big Dreams, Daily Joys are great books on these topics if you are looking for reading material now on goal setting/living a creative life/making a better “normal” when all this over.) This sheltering-in-place business does afford the opportunity to sift out the activities that are actually important to you; and for me the only 3 non-homebody things I’m really missing are treasure hunting for vintage crap, yoga class, and pottery. Useful information.

The last time I took a pottery class was probably 15 years ago and I’ve been meaning to get back to it for those 15 years and promised myself I’d do it when I wasn’t homeschooling anymore hahahahaha. I loved it as much as I remember. The meditative, tactile, and functional aspects are so appealing. I was just finding my footing before the ceramics studio shut down indefinitely and I was – drumroll – homeschooling again. But non-coronavirus life will one day return and it’s nice to think about that future and what I want it to look like. Ceramics is making the cut. That little guy is a favorite and I’m looking forward to cloning it someday soon. I’ve been chronicling some pottery before and afters over on Instagram stories if you want to check out the “POTTERY” highlight. (And some homeschooling tips too for those of you thrown into this chaos…though I’m not sure I’d take any advice on the subject from me at the moment!)

Hope you are all as healthy, safe, and sane as can be right now! xoxo

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