Shelf Rearrange + Projects While Social Distancing!

Whoa what a week! What was, 7 days ago, a packed schedule and no time to keep up the ol weirdo blog has turned into 4 wide open weeks (wait no maybe 8!!) – so hello! I hope everyone out there is doing their part by social distancing the heck out your life! The schools where our family learns and works have closed for the foreseeable future and we plan to hunker down and homeschool/work from home to slow the spread of this thing for the people who have to continue to show up to their essential jobs. To everyone still making the world go round – first responders, medical personal, military, pharmacists, grocers, and delivery people – THANK YOU!!!!

I’m (granted a super introvert and over-preparer who was made for social distancing haha) trying to focus on the bright side of being stuck at home indefinitely. I made a quarantine to-do list a few days ago to help ease some of the anxiety around all the unknowns. Some are house projects (ones where we already had materials on hand), some are organizing tasks, and there is enough yard work to last us weeks. Along with these, we plan on doing regular neighborhood walks, some hikes, and maybe a trip or two to deserted beaches if we get especially antsy.

-Restyle den shelves
-Go through everyone’s closets
-Clean out the garage
-Weed the front yard and rearrange some plants (the hugest job)
-Mulch the front yard
-Weed the backyard
-Clean the patio
-Hang the big*** TV my husband bought last week
-Choose paint colors for a few random projects
-Paint some pocket doors if I have enough paint
-Catch up on blogging!
-And if I really run out of stuff to do, work on photo organization

I eased in this new chaotic/simple lifestyle with a small “project” that is perfect for long days at home: restyling shelves and finding spots for all your crap…and also putting crap you don’t have a spot for in the donation/sell pile.

The previous owners emailed us a few months ago saying they had found another cabinet that goes to the wall unit in our den and they were kind enough to deliver it to us. We didn’t get around to screwing in the long lost missing piece until a few weeks ago, and I was majorly missing the presence of a colorful painting in the mix so I whipped up something small to fit between the shelves. When my schedule majorly opened up this weekend I finished reshuffling my crap around the shelves until it felt right. (You can see more of this room here)That little clay nugget is one of my creations from the pottery class that has been filling all my extra time, but has now ground to a halt. I’ll share more next time!For this painting, which I don’t love love but it’s a fine placeholder while I search for vintage art, I followed my usual process and painted over a used canvas we had in the garage with leftover house paint – not fancy! I feel like it would benefit from a black or wood frame but it does the job for now.

Sources: (lots are vintage but here’s a good start on finding similar pieces!)
Bertoia chair similar (reproduction cover here)
wall unit similar
mosaic coffee table similar
side tables similar
clock similar
white lamps similar vintagesimilar new
wall hanging paintings DIY
books: Unseen Midcentury Desert ModernPalm Springs WeekendCeramic Design
orange photo albums
wall color – Behr Ultra Pure White in matte
board and batten DIY wall 

PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE ABLE AND FLATTEN THAT CURVE!!!! It’s a great time to make your home a place you love to be in. Sending you all xoxo in these wild times


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