Modern Shower Trim Kits

modern mid century bathroom shower trim kits fixtures moen align delta trinsic brass

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and I have, along with a hundred other details, overly researched shower trim kits so I’m sharing some of my favorite modern leaning shower fixtures here today!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your shower (or tub) needs a rough in valve that permanently goes into your wall and is brand specific. So if you are starting from scratch, this is a long term commitment to a brand. Trim kits can be swapped out but they must be compatible with the existing valve so go with a name brand known for quality, longevity, and good design. I narrowed my search down to these options…

modern shower trim bathroom fixtures Moen Align Koehler Purist Delta Trinsic Pfister Contempra Tenet Grohe Essence American Standard Studio S

Moen Align / American Standard Studio S / Pfister Contempra

Delta Trinsic / Grohe Essence / Kohler Purist / Pfister Tenet

We ended up going with the Moen Align in Brushed Gold and it’s one of my favorite elements in our bathroom. It is stunning, very solid, and a warm coppery/gold color. Originally though, I ordered the Delta Trinsic shower trim in Champagne Bronze. We are using a Delta Trinsic faucet for the sink (a keeper!) and it was a no brainer to go with the matching for the shower. However, the quality and color didn’t live up to expectations in person. It’s wasn’t terrible, just more plastic-y and bronze-y than I wanted. And for our primary bathroom where the design is minimal and we will be touching fixtures daily, those details matter. So I splurged on the Moen for the shower and I’m so happy with it. Thankfully, the Moen gold matches the Trinsic champagne bronze faucet really well – even better than the Delta shower trim did? – so I’m mixing brands and going with the best design for each!

Heads up if you live in California: we have shower head flow rate water restrictions in place so you will need to purchase the low flow model of the trim kit you want, 1.8 GPM or less. Most brands have 2 models of the same shower head available and the regular flow model will not ship to CA addresses.

I will hopefully have a bathroom to share sooner than later. It is slow going! We are a month and a half in and probably half way there, but if you haven’t been following progress on Instagram, here’s where things are headed…

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive modest compensation from purchases made through certain product links. See here for more information and thank you so much for supporting my weirdo hobby blog!


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