Family Room Oranged Out

mid century family living room orange womb chair rock fireplace

Sharing a look at our semi-done family room today! This room has stumped me for a long time but it’s the room we use the most at the center of our house, so during the last few years we made a dedicated effort to get it under control. We ordered a couch that fit properly, added a wall of wood paneling, addressed a too steep step down, and built a walnut room divider.

The last major element, in my mind, was a big ol womb chair for the corner next to the fireplace. After searching obsessively for two years for a vintage or used reproduction womb chair with no luck, I decided to sell out and buy a new one last November. While I much prefer to buy used, this purchase came with the perk of choosing a color – obviously couldn’t say no to ORANGE, which is basically a neutral in here at this point. This shade is lighter and more apricot-y than the deep orange couch so they work well together. It arrived in February and it has been a huge hit with the whole family, including our new puppy, Rusty, who tries to chew it at every opportunity – noooo!

I ordered ours from Modern In Design (in “Orange Tweed,” not as pictured on their website – order samples). I got swatches from Rove Concepts and Kardiel too and was hoping one of their chartreuse fabrics would work, but the fireplace rocks clashed and the orange shades from both companies were too neon for the space.

I say the room is semi complete because while we have the major pieces in place there’s also some smaller place holders that all happen to be orange orange orange everywhere you look – even I agree it’s too much. I’m working on swapping out a few smaller items like a wood side table and rocking chair cushions to break up the sea of sunshine, but I’m gonna take my time to get it right. Update: I actually found THE danish table of my dreams a few weeks ago but it’s not quite in place because of puppy teeth!

Otherwise, the only “big” thing left on our list is to eventually replace the carpet. Probably with more carpet – shag makes so much sense for a sunken, cozy living room and orange will be irresistible to me, but we’ll see what happens when we get there!

Sources and projects – lots of vintage in here but I’ll link similar where I can

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One thought on “Family Room Oranged Out

  1. Lovely! Interested to see what you find for flooring. We have a sunken livingroom that in a few years, I’ll be swapping out the cool 90s carpet currently in there.


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