December 2021

I’m strategically cropping out dog crates, dog gates, dog toys, and ripped up rugs to say happy December! I hope this holiday season is whatever you need it to be this year. I’m struggling to keep up with everything, including posting projects here right now (the bathroom is way done!). Finding time and mental motivation – I’m definitely still in pandemic+everything languishing mode – isn’t happening so maybe after holiday busyness/stress I’ll get it together. But for now, some quick photos of Christmas decorations!


The only thing I added in this year was a dog bone shaped stocking for Rusty, to match our other stockings. Oh and I found my dream vintage ceramic light up tree last January so it is making its Christmas debut. It’s an Atlantic Mold that is hard to find and usually pricey, that’s why it’s taken me like 10 years, but I’ll share my eBay search right here to get you started on your way if you want one too! I’ll link the gold tree topper here because I always get asked about it and it’s really affordable, lightweight, and beautiful from Crate and Barrel :)

Otherwise, here’s all my vintage Christmas crap helping to offsetting a small portion of those 2021 blahs…

More on our exterior Christmas lights here if you are curious.

Happiest holidays!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive modest compensation from purchases made through certain product links. See here for more information, please be thoughtful with what you bring into your home, shop vintage/second hand whenever possible and thank you so much for supporting this blog!


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