Around the Yards

Heeeey! We lack focus so ten projects are simultaneously happening in all four corners of the property and I have nothing complete to share. But, instead, a look at some ugly pics of the total chaos going on around us. Enjoy!The biggest progress has been the addition of a giant trampoline eyesore. I tried to semi-hide it on … More Around the Yards

Sideyard Before

Hey there! Somehow I got suckered into working on the sideyard, which is technically part of the backyard but totally its own thing, in tandem with the actual backyard. I’d sum this place up by calling it a stressyard and saying that it’s too much. When pressed, I’m thankful for the space and the possibilities it affords, … More Sideyard Before

Tulip Table Refurbish

Backyard projects continue with some patio furniture fixing and it’s super fun/nauseating. Most mornings this week have been spent getting high off of spray paint fumes while my kids are at school. I live a pretty clean life otherwise so when my husband commented that I could have just started drinking with the amount of damage … More Tulip Table Refurbish

DIY Yard Curbs

Today we talk yard curbs! The only attention given to the backyard until recently was the laying of these concrete curb borders last fall. It was a totally new kind of project for us. Meaning, we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It took longer than expected and our concrete line … More DIY Yard Curbs