Den Furniture – ORC Week 4

Hello and welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Get up to speed on the den revamp right here…

Week 1 Intro + plans!

Week 2 Paint!

Week 3 Wall Paneling!

This week is all about furniture decisions! I’m shuffling around couches, chairs, lamps, plants, everything, to see what stays and what goes! It’s like elimination round in my house WITH A LAST MINUTE WILDCARD…

As Craigslist furniture trollers do, I unexpectedly acquired a massive Danish mid-century wall unit last week. I mostly bought it with the intention of reselling, but wanted to try it out in our house first (AKA why I’ll never be a successful vintage furniture dealer). The timing! Just the night before I was saying “all this room needs is some warm wood”. And here we are. With some warm wood. A whole wall of it. Playing the keep or sell game now.
Pros/cons: brings warmth, grounds the space, looks really good, and adds lots of shelves for my pottery collection. BUT BUT BUT it crowds out the fireplace that owns my heart. There is no way both can stay and I’m never parting with that fireplace. And, honestly, the wall unit has some value and I don’t know that I’m in love with it enough to pass on the cash if you feel me? Leaning towards keep but I need to purge elsewhere in order to make it happen.

(Look how gorgeous the finished backside is, cruel to smash against a wall?!)
In other furniture news, I’m trying out couch and chair contestants. My dream couch for this spot is either a vintage walnut daybed or an Adrian Pearsall gondola type sofa. Obviously in ORANGE. Or maybe yellow. Or even brown. Just something warm. With wood! I just can’t find one in my cheapo price range at the moment. We toyed with the idea of building a mid-century styled day bed similar to this, but I decided I would rather spend the money on vintage so I’m going to wait it out. I don’t love the color of this couch below (it reads blue sometimes and drives me insane), but the silhouette is great and so is the comfort level so I think it will do for now.And we moved the computer in here from our master bedroom. Small change but a huge shift in the way (and frequency) we are using this room. I feel like I have a purpose and direction for this space finally. Like home office but with no mess of printer cables and file cabinets…I’m thinking “home studio” in my head but not out-loud because my husband would make fun of me so bad. The pretension. What I mean is bright, cheerful home office/creative/lounge space that is well designed.

Of course all this shuffling has brought major rearranging ripples to the our bedroom…we now have a dreamy desk in there without a use that I’m thinking of selling, even though it makes me so sad. Maybe the fireplace can take its place? Oh and we bought a bedroom TV to fill the vacancy that the computer left. THIS IS GETTING SO RIDICULOUS. I’m very excited to make some decisions this week and put my life back together. Because right now my weird instinct is to bring everything I own into this one room and see what sticks. xoxo Jenny


white rug
yellow jute doormat
desk – DIY
desk chair
clock similar
vintage fireplace more info here
weaving DIY
everything else – vintage


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