Modern Family Photo Albums

Random post today about a “project” I had no intention of ever mentioning, but it was such a positive experience that I wanted to quickly share: modern and minimal photo books!As a kid I loved flipping through our family photo albums and I always promised myself I would stay on top of managing that area of our lives so my kids could do the same. I did ok for a few years – until kid #2 arrived and “keeping up” in any area of life seemed impossible. Besides a cluttered assortment of prints on our fridge, I’m ashamed to admit that the last time I intentionally printed and organized our family photos was 2012. It has been on my yearly to-do list for SEVEN YEARS NOW, and catching up on those skipped years feels extra daunting. I think these days everyone has a problem getting their family photos out of their phones/computers and onto tangible paper. It can feel overwhelming, tedious and carries unavoidable decision fatigue, so it’s the to-do item that I always push off…even more so when facing a seven year backlog!

My past organization system consisted of a stack of neutral, matching photo albums that I chronologically filled with prints as life moved along. The downside is that photo albums (plus the cost of prints) adds up quickly, plus they are so physically bulky. Ten years of photo albums nearly takes up 25% of our very purged book shelf, while the amount of photos I take only seems to be increasing. I never gave much thought to actual printed photo books but in light of the shelf space and money I was about to allocate to more photo albums, I looked into them and found a company I was interested in trying, MPix.

I loved their 1.) price and 2.) color selection. I decided to give our 2014 and 2015 family photos a go in the 10′ x 10′ economy cloth hardcover photo books. The albums arrive last week and I’m beyond happy with the result. Let’s start with the obvious plus: orange is a fabric cover option! As well as charcoal, baby blue, bright pink, and more. I almost couldn’t chose, but a collection of orange volumes is something I think I’ll always be happy with. The orange is a goooooood deep orange too. Foil stamping the cover is an optional add on, but since I’m cheap I simply added the year on the inside cover page. The 10 x 10 size of the albums is perfect. The minimal footprint easily fits on a bookshelf while the pages are big enough to showcase photos. I could easily stack a decade onto a shelf, and they look dang cute!

I apparently take a lot of pictures and want to remember the big days and the everyday moments too so I included hundreds of photos in each book, quickly going above the base cost to add 40+ additional pages. Each book cost me around $50 (before a 25% discount they give to new customers, see below). Not cheap, but photo albums + prints, comparatively, would cost more for the amount of images I squeezed into these pages.

The only downside of this process was that it took hours upon hours for me to put together, but 2/3 of that was on my end: organizing and choosing which photos to include. The layout design, on the other hand, was straight forward and user friendly. Just put on some junky reality tv shows and start designing!

*This isn’t sponsored at all, but I’m going to include my referral link for $5 off your first order if you want to give MPix a try (I get $5 off my next order too when you use my code). But heads up, you’ll get a 25% off coupon to use within the week when you sign up, so just use that instead if you can. Here’s wishing photo organization to us all, and the motivation for me to get 2016-the present on paper!


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