Patio Updates

Continuing the summer of making the backyard better, the patio got some work done too. Basically, this will be a post about the life-changing magic of vintage mosaic coffee tables. Our patio, for so long, has been the home of misfit, mismatched, and broken furniture and, like everyone this year, I was ready to invest a little to make our outdoor space more comfortable and intentionally designed. After we built the outdoor couch, it was time to find a legit coffee table for the space along with some non-broken chairs.

I planned to make my own mosaic table, and even ordered extra orange tiles from a different project we have in the works, but then I saw this vintage table on ebay and knew it was THE ONE. THE ONE TRUE LOVE OF MY LIFE. It needed work and was slightly more than I budgeted for my DIY table, but it was perfect. Color, size, texture, character, flaws, all perfect. I cleaned it up, repaired a few spots, and swapped out the legs for 12″ hairpins – long and low forever!

The chair situation was not so easy. My one complaint about our wonderful covered patio is that the beams make furniture placement difficult. Sadly I couldn’t find a vintage pair that would fit (but I’m still looking always!) so I decided to try out these wood chairs by Clever Made that I’ve always admired but never had a spot for – sometimes called Kentucky stick chairs I guess? They fit the space well and are GORGEOUS. Sculptural with beautiful wood. I wouldn’t say they are uncomfortable to sit in, but definitely different feeling haha…so I’m not 100% sure about them as forever chairs, but they are great for now!
I took these hours before the pool spontaneously showed up, check out my stock tank pool post for the full experience :)



striped rug
couch DIY
couch cushions
wood chairs
Acapulco chair, similar
mosaic table – vintage, similar
patio dining table set – vintage, similar
yellow chair cushions
wall art starburst thing – driftwood wreath with a DIY painting added to the middle, similar wreath
planters – mix of vintage and newer randoms
black outdoor sconces
starburst doorbell
screen door DIY
exterior house color – Dunn Edwards Whisper


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