Garden is not Dead

Not sure if anyone has any interest in watching a garden grow, but my tiny raised vegetable garden isn’t dead yet and it has been one of the surprise hobbies (therapies?) of this weird year. Along with…drumroll….sewing, another activity I previously hated but I guess I don’t in upsidedownworld 2020. I have been super happy with the corrugated metal bed we went with. Since the first round of planting, I’ve packed it with more plants and removed a few that weren’t working – cilantro bolted immediately and the cucumbers were gross. We hit a rough patch in mid summer when temps were out of control, the crap soil bought in Covid-haste had nothing left to give, and I began overwatering to help a problem that had nothing to do with watering. But some magical fertilizer and shade on 120 degree days (what is even happening) has turned this ship around and plants are thriving. I EVEN HAVE PUMPKINS GROWING AND IT IS THE DELIGHT OF MY LIFE. Fingers crossed nothing happens to them because I cannot take anything else in upsidedownworld 2020.

One month in…
Three months in when things went bad…Now!


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