Color Block Repaint + Virtual Learning Space

This will probably be the last time this room makes an appearance on here, as it belongs to my daughter who is getting older and I want her to go wild with her own direction for her space. This iteration is shared with her permission to show how easy it is to switch up the color on a color blocked wall – it was previously peachy pink – for a completely different feel with only a quart of paint and 2 quick coats!She was over the pink and wanting a change so we considered a few different options to bring a different color into the room. This wallpaper was a contender but she’s not 100% committed, so no wallpaper without commitment! She’s still really into the partial wrap around color so we decided to simply repaint that for now. We did a few sloppy mock ups of ideas (the drawing tool in IG stories is my go-to for quick brainstorms) and she decided on a medium-light minty turquoise. We picked a shade slightly lighter than the final color we were going for because once a color is on the wall, especially surrounded by white, the saturation is so much more intense than it appears on a tiny swatch. The winner was Behr Free Spirit – what can only be described as the color of perfect Palm Springs pool water :)I extended the color-blocked section slightly further behind the headboard, but otherwise kept the same footprint as the pink. I taped as close as I could to the original line and did the crisp line trick where you seal the tape line with the other paint color (white), let that dry, then paint the actual color (turquoise). We tackled this project right after stay-at-home orders in March so we had to improvise with supplies…all I had on hand was a tiny 4″ paint roller haha! And just like that, pool water walls! This summer we also hastily threw together a desk space for indefinite virtual learning. Desk was found for free on craigslist, and though it needed a bit of work, it was the exact one we had planned to buy from Ikea when it was possible to get to/shop at Ikea again. Score. Everything else we had on hand. The mirror and stool were plundered from our room, and I covered the seat in faux fur. The hanging lamp has been floating around the house for years (originally from Ikea too; I added the macrame cord). All in all, not a bad update for $15 worth of paint!



turquoise paint – Behr Free Spirit
ceiling fan – more info here
bed and dresser – vintage Heywood Wakefield similar
tulip table – vintage similar
stool similar
macrame lamp cord DIY
clock similar
bamboo blinds similar (more info here)


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